1. Robbie

    Discuss Rufus 3.8 | Infected with malware?

    As a daily rutine on context-scanning or analyzing with VT every executable I download, this got my attention. I was trying to create a bootable USB with Rufus. VirusTotal threw this: GrayWare/Win32.Generic Yeah, I know what you are thinking. 1/60 is definitely a false positive. Well, on...
  2. harlan4096

    Zero-Day Protection Report McAfee Total Protection - October 2019 Report

    McAfee Total Protection - October 2019 Report __ C: Clean / P: Protected / P - NC: Protected - Not Clean / I: Infected / E: Encrypted * Dynamic BB Bonus Test (Resident Protection Disabled) * Partially Blocked * BSR: Before System Reboot * ASR: After System Reboot October 2019 Samples Pack...
  3. harlan4096

    Zero-Day Protection Report Avira ISS - October 2019 Report

    Avira ISS - October 2019 Report __ C: Clean / P: Protected / P - NC: Protected - Not Clean / I: Infected / E: Encrypted * Dynamic BB Bonus Test (Resident Protection Disabled) * Partially Blocked * BSR: Before System Reboot * ASR: After System Reboot October 2019 Samples Pack Static...
  4. Correlate

    Malware Alert Malware infection disrupts production at defence contractor plants in three countries

    https://www.zdnet.com/article/malware-infection-disrupts-production-at-defence-contractor-plants-in-three-countries/ https://www.cyberscoop.com/rheinmetall-malware-disruption-manufacturing/
  5. Andrew3000

    Zero-Day Protection Report Malwarebytes - September 2019 Report

    This report is used to group the malwarebytes results made on the malwarehub into a single post thus making the results more accessible and easy to read. September 2019 № malware/s Static Detection Dynamic Detection Total Detection Files Encrypted System Status Links 03/09/2019 1 1/1 not...
  6. M

    Q&A Hyper-V - Safe To Test Malware Files?

    Hi Guys! I installed Hyper-V and Windows 10 18950 for test some malware files (with WD) but i don't know, some viruses can access network and can affect host pc. So, Hyper-V, its good idea?
  7. Andrew3000

    Discuss IT threat evolution Q2 2019. Statistics by Securelist

    These statistics are based on detection verdicts of Kaspersky products received from users who consented to provide statistical data. According to Kaspersky Security Network, Kaspersky solutions blocked 717,057,912 attacks launched from online resources in 203 countries across the globe...
  8. Correlate

    Hacking Alert Varenyky malware hits French Orange Customers

    Varenyky malware which is new to the online world is found to be infecting French Orange customers for now and is said to have already victimized more than 1400 people so far through phishing email attacks. Security researchers at ESET have revealed that the said malware has the potential to...
  9. Syafiq

    Ransomware Has anyone knows about .cosacos Ransomware?

    Recently, my friend told me that his gaming laptop was infected with a .cosacos ransomware. All of his files were encrypted. Unfortunately i can't find anything about it on the web except this https://sensorstechforum.com/cosacos-virus-files-ransomware-how-to-remove-it/. Since he didn't knows...
  10. Mbr314

    Solved Random File Extensions HELP

    My media files have been encrypted to some random extensions like ".mp4.PDNGIR" and ".png.19xB3Li" and there is a html document called DECRYPT-FILES.html, i assume that i had a ransomware attack, i'm not sure if i want to open that html file. Does anyone know witch ransomware is this and does...
  11. CyberTech

    Malware Alert More than 25 million Android devices infected with 'Agent Smith' malware

    More information https://www.techspot.com/news/80885-more-than-25-million-android-devices-infected-agent.html
  12. D

    malware Avira Safe Search Plus chrome extension

    Recently I installed Avira free antivirus for 2 days. after that I uninstalled it, but now problem is with its extension Avira Safe search plus. I have removed it from my chrome browser so many times. but still it is showing in chrome every time and giving option of enable or remove. Every time...
  13. S

    Adfly links redirect me to gloyah.net and other various malicous sites .

    I am trying to download minecraft addons and texture packs , such as this one : https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/naturalia . When i click download it redirects me to gloyah.net and other malicous sites instead of adfly . i did some research and apparently its due to adware on my...
  14. S

    Q&A Risks of “Not-a-Virus” Adware - Adware is Malware?

    Source: Let adware be treated as malware, Canuck boffins declare after breaking open Wajam ad injector Read [PDF] - Privacy and Security Risks of “Not-a-Virus” Bundled Adware: The Wajam Case
  15. V

    Solved Malware *32.exe flooding RAM

    Everytime I start Windows almost every programs I opened keep duplicating and filling Task Manager with program*32.exe.
  16. T

    How to remove this malware “dllhostex.exe”

    When i close taskmager software "dllhostex.exe" Auto running. When i Delete Folder "NetworkDistribution" On Safe Mode And restart To Normal I found folder "NetworkDistribution". Windows 7 64Bit Firewall is on Location Malware On "C:\Windows\NetworkDistribution" Thank for help.
  17. edsheeralph

    Malware/Trojan some type of Hosts

    Got my new comp, well it is a 2nd hand one. Though the computer is slow and its getting slower because of popups of .tmp files; hundreds of it. Please help me. The slow is causing so much trouble.
  18. harlan4096

    Zero-Day Protection Report Kaspersky EndPoint Security 11.1 - March 2019 Report

    Kaspersky EndPoint Security 11.1 - March 2019 Report __ C: Clean / P: Protected / P - NC: Protected - Not Clean / I: Infected / E: Encrypted * Dynamic BB Bonus Test (File Anti-Virus + Host Intrusion Prevention + KSN disabled) * Partially Blocked * BSR: Before System Reboot * ASR: After...
  19. Robbie

    Discuss "Overkill": excessive protection and the false sense of security

    How many times have you seen it? Or suffered it? It's the overkill disease and these are the most common forms in which they can be found: What else can I add to my setup? I currently have Kaspersky Total Security + VoodooShield Pro + OSArmor + Comodo Firewall (cruelsister settings!) What's a...