1. frogboy

    Security Alert Malware Author Inflates Backdoor Trojan With Junk Data Hoping to Avoid Detectio

    A malware coder is injecting megabytes of junk data inside his malicious payloads, hoping to avoid detection by some antivirus solutions or delay investigations of infosec professionals. Known only as "123", this malware coder has been active since 2015, when he was first spotted deploying the...
  2. Av Gurus

    Video Malware bypass Comodo Firewall @ CS settings

    Comodo firewall is set to Cruelsister settings. I think that this malware is bypased that settings (maybe I'm wrong). What do you think? Video summary: 1. check Comodo firewall settings 2. delete all trusted vendors 3. add some malware to see if Comodo is working OK 4. check that one malware at...
  3. S

    Malware Alert 9000 malware-infected Servers, Interpol

    A cybersecurity operation run out of the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) here has uncovered more than 9,000 malware-laden servers and hundreds of compromised websites in the Asean region, including government portals. Interpol says investigations are ongoing.
  4. Slerion

    So i did test all free AV and was Surprised.

    So after i allways trusted on other opinions and stuff i finally made my own Malware test. Settings are stated after the programm name if not its standard settings i made it mixed because i wanted to see Long term and short term defense Virus/malware/ransomware/adware/more 862 Files 657mb...
  5. Parsh

    Hajime, a vigilante's IoT malware against Mirai

    'Hajime', an IoT malware strain discovered last October, appears to be the work of a vigilante who has set out to take over and neutralize as many smart devices as possible before other botnets like Mirai can. While Hajime was first observed last year, it only recently became apparent to...
  6. A

    initialsite123.com is not going away

    initialsite123.com a browser hijacking virus attacked my laptop yesterday. i have tried a lot of methods suggested around the Internet but my current issues is unsolved. the initialsite123.com home page is gone, however, when I went to the chrome settings to change the engines and delete this...
  7. T


    Hi all complete new to the forum and learning about protection against malware. I have some general and conceptual questions to ask but I can't find where's the suitable sub-forums to ask general questions??
  8. RezaCRMalaysia

    I'm from Malaysia (Cegah Ransomware Malaysia)

    Hi, I am from Malaysia. My task was advising people on how to prevent Virus, Malware & Ransomware attack
  9. F

    Solved Possible ongoing 3rd party interference and massive RAM usage

    Since the suspected date of infection, computer gradually slows down, makes more critical errors, CPU behaves like there was always another input queued before mine, windows detects IP conficts in the network (mine's the only one in it), so my claim is that someone took control over it, like a...
  10. C

    Self Regenerating Malware

    I will try to download the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool to a USB drive from another computer and then will attach the logs.
  11. D

    Chrome Extension adware and Rootkit/hijack

    Around 3 days ago, I was on my administrator account and went on a shaddy blogspot and download what they told me to to get Microsoft office 2016 and crack it using kmsauto or something like that, I got warning from chrome and defender to not download those but I did anyway, Then shortly after...
  12. R

    Malware Removal. Need fixlist.txt for FRST.txt

    Need assistance with the fixlist.txt.
  13. Winter Soldier

    The motivation for security

    We often discuss how the attacks are sophisticated, since the malware is advanced and how much it is easy or difficult to organize defenses more or less stratified. But I would like to consider another perspective in this post The defence exists if there is the need for security relating to...
  14. K

    Solved Overwhelmed by malware (weevah2, nova.ramber.ru, trovi, etc)

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for your help. My situation is as described above. Currently running Windows 10 64bit. Began noticing problems on Chrome where my homepage would look funny (additional search bar appearing, all my favorited webpages gone), then being re-directed to various websites...