1. G

    Microphones Mute Themselves on My Device, Issue Persists even after Reinstallation on Both Windows and Linux

    Hello, a month back I encountered my microphone is muting itself after a few hours of using. I tried a fix, which made it stop working completely. Full story: Microphone Not Working After Attempt to Fix Auto Muting Apart from that, I tried reinstall both Linux and Windows - different versions...
  2. lapfamlit

    Suspicious programs

    Ok so for some reason I keep getting two programs starting up. One is called Mamoyzwh and Uamoysb. I have no idea how or why they got on my laptop. They just keep popping up randomly. Please help me out because I want to remove this malware or whatever it is. Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum...
  3. E

    Help with google custom search engine malware

    I just started my laptop and find out that whenever I try to search using google or bing I got redirected to cse.google.com. I have tried scanning using malwarebytes and some manual fixes but the problem still persist. Please help me with this problem, thank you.
  4. adelfr2009

    Solved svchost.exe process in syswow64 folder problem consuming CPU

    Hi guys, I need help with this unnamed process svchost in syswow64 folder . it consumes more than 50% of CPU. Sometimes there are 3, only one uses the CPU. When it's running, it closes my browser when I try to find solutions for it. I can close the process, but after a certain time (almost 1h)...
  5. Z

    Browser (chrome problem?) opens ad tab randomly

    Hello, Sometime ago I started having a chrome tab open randomly with a random generated ad tab. Even when chrome isn't running it opens one tab up, so I tried searching for malware problems and noticed that if I searched "malware" or "adware" words, chrome would turn off automatically. I've...
  6. Aerdian

    Video ESET Internet Security 2018 Review

    A quick video reviewing ESET Internet Security 2018. I saw this in the "request" page, so I tested it :) Feedback is definitely welcomed. I also have a written review: ESET Internet Security 2018: Review – I. Cox – Medium
  7. F3niX

    Solved Syswow64 - svchost.exe 50%+ processor usage.

    Recently i installed a malware by mistake , this malware started installing random software and added some toolbars , i managed to remove the toolbar and uninstall all software , but since then and my processor usage is very high , whenever i open task manager i find svchost consuming 50% or...
  8. S

    Security Alert Journalists warned: Free USB fans may contain Malware (Kim-Trump Summit)

    Twitter exploded with security experts telling journalists not to plug the fan in. It could install keylogger software, or hack their email, they warned:
  9. Aerdian

    Discuss Question Regarding Malware Samples

    I have more recently gotten into malware analysis (the last 4-5 months) and I had a few questions about finding and downloading malware samples. I download samples to analyze the malware, test AV programs and see how the detection ratios are. Then, I send any samples that are malicious that...
  10. Aerdian

    Security Alert New Mac cryptominer uses XMRig

    A new Mac cryptominer was discovered this week, after affected users saw their fans whirring out of control and a process named “mshelper” gobbling up CPU time like Cookie Monster. Fortunately, this malware is not very sophisticated and is easy to remove. The malware became public knowledge in a...
  11. C

    Solved svchost.exe malwere

    Hey guys :) I have problem with malware in syswow64\svchost.exe. I see other people publishing the same problem here. The symptom is my cpu usage is up to 60% by unnamed process (in task mgr). Process is connected with svchost.exe which is located in Windows\syswow64. I have used anti-malware...
  12. J

    Q&A The first things to do if you suspect an infection

    Sometimes when you work with your PC can happen you suddenly think that you are infected by malware maybe because of slowdowns, etc. These are the first things I would do: 1. Install Process Explorer and view all processes running and view if you see something suspicious (Process Explorer...
  13. Stefanmz7

    RISK: Moderate Stefanmz7's Security Config 2018

    Hi! So I was wondering is there any anti-malware program that is a good alternative to Malwarebytes antimalware and is free because my Malwarebytes trial ends and I want to have good real time protection againt malware but it has to be free. Or should I just sacn my PC regularly with the free...
  14. K

    RISK: Moderate Kerguelen'S Security Config 2018

    There are two startup programs added to System Information on my Windows 10 PC. Please see attachments. NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM, and .DEFAULT are the usernames, with strange symbols for the commands. As you can see from the two attachments, each time you view System Information, the command names...
  15. yitworths

    Malware Alert Adware Launches In-Browser Mining Sites Pretending to be Cloudflare

    FileTour is an adware bundle that is commonly spread as cracks or cheats for games and other software. This bundle is notorious for crossing the line between what is traditionally known as adware and PUPs and more dangerous computer infections such as password-stealing Trojans and miners. This...