1. ifacedown

    Help Me Decide McShield vs. SMADAV Pro: USB/Removable Media Protection

    Hello. I have been using McShield for around 3 years now and it never failed me. One thing I also like is I could set it to unhide folders that were hidden by malware. Sometimes only it will a long time to fully scan the USB drive when infection is found (could be turned off by the settings)...
  2. D

    Help Me Decide MCShield vs Bitdefender USB Immunizer

    Hello everyone which one do you think is better overall? My vote goes to MCShield because of its amazing heuristics and removal.
  3. D

    Should I use MC Shield?

    Should I use MC Shield: What exactly does it do? What are the system requirements? Is it worth using? Thank you in advance :)
  4. TwinHeadedEagle

    MCShield Anti-Malware v3.0

    As I already mentioned, I am member of MCShield developing team, so I decided to wrote an article about this program, and it's capabilities. I find out that you mentioned this tool through discussions, but I saw few incorrect statements (I ain't blame you), so I am here to correct it :) I am...