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    Q&A Opinions about Microsoft Edge for Android?

    What are your thoughts about using Microsoft Edge on Android? It's own Pros vs Cons? Your experience with it? Would you recommend it to Family/Friends? In the latest of updates 16th August, Microsoft added native Honey integration. Opt-in required.
  2. CyberTech

    Microsoft Edge Windows 10 Application Guard Added to the New Microsoft Edge

    Microsoft's Windows Defender Application Guard has been added to the upcoming Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. This security feature allows you to securely browse the web without fear of becoming infected by malicious sites. Windows Defender Application Guard is a Windows 10 feature that enables...
  3. CyberTech

    Microsoft Edge One Vivaldi Feature Microsoft Should Launch in Chromium Microsoft Edge Browser

    By giving up on EdgeHTML and moving to Chromium, Microsoft Edge becomes one of the several high-profile browsers out there running on this particular engine. And while Google Chrome is obviously the most famous Chromium-based browser, it’s isn’t necessarily the most advanced too. As I said on...
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    Microsoft New 'App Suggestions' to Promote Microsoft Edge [Update: Removed]

    How to Turn off App Suggestions
  5. S

    Android Microsoft Edge now supports iPads/Android Tablets

    Source: Microsoft Edge now available for iOS and Android - Windows Blog Updated 26th March 2018 iPad and Android tablet owners – we’ve got some great news for you! Microsoft Edge is now available as a free download in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Now, you too, can experience familiar...
  6. S

    Microsoft Windows 10 Is Forcing Users To Edge

    "Microsoft is testing a new change to its future version of Windows 10 which will probably annoy anyone using the operating system. The software giant revealed today that “we will begin testing a change where links clicked on within the Windows Mail app will open in Microsoft Edge.” The change...
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    Q&A Why you must use Bing in Microsoft Edge: Earn Points & Rewards

    Forewarning: US customers may get better rewards and offers than other participating countries (ie. UK) Rewards may not be available in your country - we know! But it's not US only. Use Bing on Edge without compromising Other browsers with Bing searches Learn more at Microsoft account |...
  8. S

    Microsoft Edge Browser Updates to be delivered via Windows Store from September

    Read more at Microsoft will separate Edge browser updates from the Windows 10 OS with Redstone 3 Chrome is updated frequently and seamlessly by Google; however, Microsoft's Edge browser is only updated - aside from security updates - in new feature builds of Windows 10, which only happens twice...
  9. S

    Microsoft Browser Efficiency Test - Edge vs Chrome, Firefox and Opera

    BrowserEfficiencyTest is a Selenium WebDriver based web browser test automation project written in C#. It allows you to run through common tasks done in browsers (look through a Facebook feed, go through some emails, browse the news) done in multiple tabs, and uses Windows Performance Recorder...
  10. S

    Update Microsoft Edge in Creators Update

    See what's new in Microsoft Edge v40 - Learn something new today! Microsoft Edge Tips Lots of interesting tips and informative graphics to using Edge on Windows 10 Creators Update.
  11. K

    Q&A How should I do for keeping safety when open PDF files?

    Good evening everyone. Thanks for your access to this thread. Now I am having a question about keeping safety when I open PDF files on my PC. Some times, I open some PDF files on my PC (Desktop and note, each PC) when 2years ago. But now, I want to know that how to open PDF for keeping more...
  12. C

    andria-loft.ru/floridam adware removal help

    Got this popups pls help.
  13. S

    Xbox How To Close a Malicious tab on Xbox One (Guide)

    This is not a Security Alert or News. Guide by Microsoft to closing a Malicious tab in Edge for Xbox One/S owners. Xbox One/S Support: How to Close a Tab in Microsoft Edge | Microsoft Edge on Xbox One You might encounter a malicious web page when you surf the web by using Microsoft Edge on...
  14. S

    Windows Defender Application Guard, Windows 10 Edge 2017

    Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge with Windows Defender Application Guard mode enabled on the Edge browser will protect enterprises from advanced attacks that can infiltrate your network and devices via the Internet, creating a safer, worry-free browsing...
  15. Noxx

    Microsoft Let's get a running tally -- who uses Microsoft Edge?

    I was going to make a compare thread between Microsoft Edge and Chrome, but because it was so blatantly obvious that Chrome was going to tear Edge a new one in the polls, I didn't bother. Instead, I open up this discussion for you all here. Since evolving out of internet explorer, do you find...
  16. S

    Tutorial Modify Microsoft Edge's Splash Screen Colour (Credits: Winaero)

    Simple guide to changing the Splash Screen for Microsoft Edge, on Windows 10 devices. Credits to Winaero.com. Launch the Registry Editor: Run > regedit > OK Allow permission on UAC prompt Navigate to the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\Local...
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    Windows 10 Mobile users should use Edge for PDF files

    PDF Reader for Windows 10 Mobile to be discontinued on 1st July, 2016 "Microsoft today updated their official PDF Reader app for Windows 10 Mobile devices. After the update, when you open the app, Microsoft is notifying the users that this PDF Reader app will not available from July 1st on...
  18. Av Gurus

    CatBlock: first ad-blocker for Microsoft Edge

    CatBlock is the name of the first ad-blocking extension for the Microsoft Edge web browser that has just been released as an alpha version. Experimental extensions support for Microsoft Edge is currently being tested on the Windows 10 Insider Channel. Microsoft plans to make extensions...