1. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Windows 10 Microsoft to Remove Downloads Folder from Disk Cleanup

    Microsoft has decided to roll back its decision to add the Downloads folder to the Windows 10 Disk Cleanup program after receiving negative feedback from users. The Windows 10 Disk Cleanup program allows users to quickly free up hard drive space by removing unneeded files found in a variety of...
  2. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Mobile Microsoft Surface Duo Will Be a Dual-Screen Android 'Device'

    It folds, but the screen isn't foldable. It sort of fits in your pocket. It has a camera. And it makes phone calls—but don't you dare call it a phone. Read more here: https://www.wired.com/story/microsoft-surface-duo-neo-phone/ Introduction video:
  3. S

    Q&A Why Do You Use Windows Defender Antivirus?

    For Part 1: Windows 10 - Why Do You Use Windows 10? Self-explained thread title. Windows Defender Antivirus is: Invades Your Privacy Sends All Data to Microsoft Servers Very Weak Protection Slows Down My PC Scans All My 1000 Downloaded Files Low Detection Rate Easily Bypassed No Real Firewall...
  4. S

    Web Microsoft calls for Industry-wide Moderation Plan

    via Microsoft calls for "industrywide" moderation plan after New Zealand shooting Keep Reading: https://blogs.microsoft.com/on-the-issues/2019/03/24/a-tragedy-that-calls-for-more-than-words-the-need-for-the-tech-sector-to-learn-and-act-after-events-in-new-zealand/
  5. S

    Windows 10 Why Do You Use Windows 10?

    For Part 2: Q&A - Why Do You Use Windows Defender Antivirus? Self-explained thread title. Windows 10 is: Invades Your Privacy Bloated Weak Security Buggy Updates Unstable Vulnerable to Malware No 2-way Firewall Slow Performance Cannot run 16-bit programs .. Comment below.
  6. A

    Windows 10 Windows 10 to Automatically Remove Updates That Cause Problems

    Windows 10 will automatically uninstall Windows updates that cause startup failures due to incompatibility or issues in new software according to a support document published by Microsoft today. Windows updates will be automatically removed when Windows detects that it has recovered from a...
  7. S

    Microsoft KB4493784 released for Windows Update Outage - ISP DNS Issue [Fix in Link]

    Windows Update went down in late January due to what eventually proved to be a DNS issue encountered by several ISPs, with customers in several regions, including the United States and the UK, no longer being able to update their devices. Via Microsoft Releases New Details on Windows Update...
  8. plat1098

    Microsoft HoloLens2: Enterprise Tool or Gimmick?

    As expected, Microsoft today launched HoloLens 2, the company's second generation augmented reality (AR) headset. The new hardware addresses what were probably the two biggest issues with the first generation device: the narrow field of view, and the comfort when wearing the device. Microsoft...
  9. CyberTech

    Microsoft Microsoft Confirms Windows Update Issue on Windows 10 Version 1809

    UPDATE: Microsoft says the bug was fixed in late January and explains that bad DNS settings were indeed to blame. You should now wait a few more days until the DNS configuration applies to your Internet connection, after which Windows Update will work normally. Original story below. Microsoft...
  10. CyberTech

    Update Cleanmgr+ 0.3.0 Beta

    Microsoft will be soon removing the Disk Clean-up Tool (Cleanmgr.exe) from Windows 10 PCs. Disk Cleanup is a Microsoft software utility first introduced with Windows 98 and included in all subsequent releases of Windows. It is a Windows system tool which lets you delete the unwanted files...