1. J

    Suggestion Mobile Security Configuration suggestion

    Hey guys, could we add a SECURE, RISKY and DANGER badge also to Mobile Security configs? @Jack @harlan4096
  2. Takemaster

    Q&A Best Android Antivirus App?

    Hello. What is best mobile security for you? For me, it's Kaspersky because of it's protection and low impact. Please, tell its pros and cons. Thank you, have a nice day!
  3. Takemaster

    Android Takemaster's Galaxy S7 Security Setup

    Hello! Addition to these, I'm using Mobile Wifi Hotspot sometimes. I recommend you this setup.
  4. LukeLovesSecurity

    Android LukeLovesSecurity's Samsung Galaxy S7 Setup

    I've been thinking about rooting my phone so that I can get a firewall to use full-time, because as of now I am always switching from vpn, to firewall, to vpn. I might also get some other security applications that are only usable on a rooted device. But then again, im just asking for more...
  5. S

    NCSC: Which smartphone is the most secure? (Article)

    Related post: Please stop saying 'it depends'! - NCSC Site Returning to the main question: Which smartphone is the most secure? One of the reasons we do threat modelling is to understand what we mean by 'Is it secure enough?'. By understanding the capabilities and motivation of our attackers...
  6. L

    Help Me Decide Kaspersky vs McAfee vs ESET (Android)

    After my testing I found eset had the best detection ratio, however lacked lots of features. McAfee Is the best for you, if you desire features, although I find the UI a little laggy. Then there is kaspersky which is A bit of both. From my testing kaspersky has the second best detection ratio...
  7. L

    LukeNukeEm's Samsung s7 security config

    Note when visiting shady sites, I go on purevpn using L2TP and use incognito while requesting the desktop site. Also when I use public wifi I use L2TP (stronger encryption) and when I'm just browsing on my wifi on normal sites, I just use PPTP. I also forgot to mention I have USB Debugging...
  8. BoraMurdar

    Expired Dr.Web Mobile Security [3 Months License]

    Go to promo page Enter your Name and email address Enter code word : Barcelona Instructions about installation and activation will be sent to email you provided Promo valid until 31. March Enjoy
  9. S

    Video HackGuard Protection Test

    Homepage : http://www.appvision.net No details on release date. Ignore Disclaimer message.
  10. J

    Video Android Review - Bitdefender Mobile Security 2016

    Hi everyone! In this video is showed the review of Bitdefender Mobile Security 2016, with rescource usage, key features, etc. Good watching!
  11. Rishi

    Zemana Mobile Security for Android (Beta) Released

    Got an email this morning from the Zemana group : Dear Zemana users, Today, we are pleased to announce the "early beta" of our brand new product, Zemana Mobile Security (ZMS) for Android devices. We need your participation for turning our early beta product into a solid security software...
  12. J

    WhatsApp, malware hits Samsung devices and steal personal data!

    WhatsApp, instant messaging service is again under attack by malware. This time the only terminals affected are those branded Samsung. This is not the first time that the widespread application to Exchange Multimedia messages through the Internet become victims of dangerous malware can cause...