1. CyberTech

    Firefox Mozilla may be hinting at premium, ad-free Firefox for $4.99 a month

    In brief: Browsers have always been free, but many think that paid browsers are the future -- especially after Google laid out plans to obstruct ad-blocking in Chromium-based browsers. Now, Mozilla is gauging interest in what is likely the first paid subscription coming to Firefox: ad-free news...
  2. S

    Android Reinventing Firefox for Android - Firefox Preview now Open!

    UPDATED: Android - Reinventing Firefox for Android - Firefox Preview now open Source: Mozilla's new Fenix browser comes to the Play Store as a limited beta [APK Download] Official & Mirror Downloads Firefox Preview - Apps on Google Play Firefox Preview APKs - APKMirror
  3. CyberTech

    Extension AdBlock extension introduces local content caching solution

    AdBlock extension introduces local content caching solution AdBlock, a popular adblocking extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers, and not to be confused with Adblock Plus, comes with a new local content caching option in its recent version for Chrome. The feature is...
  4. Faybert

    Extension Speed Dial FVD Update Firefox 57

    Speed Dial FVD was updated today, and finally now supports version 57 of Firefox :)
  5. K

    Q&A How should I do for keeping safety when open PDF files?

    Good evening everyone. Thanks for your access to this thread. Now I am having a question about keeping safety when I open PDF files on my PC. Some times, I open some PDF files on my PC (Desktop and note, each PC) when 2years ago. But now, I want to know that how to open PDF for keeping more...
  6. Jrs30

    Firefox users can try experimental features with Test Pilot

    Firefox already has several builds made to test out experimental features, but now you can take some of them for a spin even if you only have the stable browser. Mozilla has re-launched Test Pilot for Firefox, an add-on it first released in 2009 to study how people interacted with their browser...
  7. J

    Search Engine Ad Remover

    Hi all. Today I want to share with you, with this thread, a really good and very simple extension: Search Engine Ad Remover, which can removes all ads when you search with Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo. Example of Google Search using Search Engine Ad Remover: ... Or a Bing search, using...
  8. S

    Firefox 42 features built-in adblocker, takes privacy to next level

    Mozilla version 42 of its Firefox browser that features a built-in adblocker. Blocking ads is part of a feature Mozilla calls Tracking Protection and should protect the privacy of users. The feature should also provide user with additional features to have more control over their privacy...
  9. S

    Firefox 41 integrates Free Built-in Instant Messaging and Video Chat to Your Browser

    Mozilla has launched the stable release of Firefox 41.0, equipped with project "Firefox Hello" offering free VOIP and instant messaging services through WebRTC (Real Time Communication) channel. Firefox Hello had already arrived last year via Firefox 41.0 Beta release with an aim of improving...