1. CyberTech

    Update Mozilla to introduce sponsored content in upcoming Firefox Beta

    Mozilla to introduce sponsored content in upcoming Firefox Beta Starting on the 9th of May, Mozilla will debut sponsored content in the beta version of Firefox 60, in order to supplement the revenue it earns from Google for having it as the browser's default search engine. Mozilla acquired...
  2. CyberTech

    Update Firefox 61 will block FTP subresources

    Firefox 61 will block FTP subresources Mozilla plans to disable support for FTP subresources (subresource requests) in the stable version of Firefox 61. Firefox 61 will be released on June 26, 2018 to the stable channel according to the Firefox release schedule. FTP subresource requests are...
  3. CyberTech

    Extension Mozilla’s new Firefox add-on stops Facebook tracking your online habits

    Mozilla is capitalizing on the recent fears over Facebook privacy and data by creating a new Firefox extension that stops Facebook from tracking your online habits. The new “Facebook Container” creates a blue-colored browser tab that isolates your Facebook session from the rest of your web...
  4. silversurfer

    Update Firefox 59.0.2

    Version 59.0.2, first offered to Release channel users on March 26, 2018 Fixed Invalid page rendering with hardware acceleration enabled (Bug 1435472) Windows 7 users with touch screens or certain 3rd party desktop applications which interact with Firefox through accessibility services may...
  5. silversurfer

    Update Firefox 59.0.1

    Version 59.0.1, first offered to Release channel users on March 16, 2018 Fixed: Various security fixes Reference link to 59.0 release notes unresolved: No sound in Firefox 58 and 59 on Linux in some configurations. See our support page for details and workarounds. Mozilla Firefox Web...
  6. upnorth

    Computer Security In The Past, Present and Future

    53:15 Full movie : Zero Days (Official Movie Site) - Own it on DVD or Digital HD
  7. CyberTech

    Firefox 60 ships with Windows Group Policy Support

    Firefox 60 ships with Windows Group Policy Support Mozilla is working on integrating Group Policy Support for Firefox running on Windows devices in the upcoming Firefox 60 release. Firefox 60 is the next Extended Support Release of the web browser which replaces Firefox ESR 52.x, the last...
  8. CyberTech

    Firefox 58 released with speedier WebAssembly compiler

    Mozilla has released Firefox 58, it brings with it a decent speed boost thanks to a new two-tiered WebAssembly compiler which supports streaming compilation. The browser maker says the new compiler is able to compile code faster than the network could otherwise deliver it. The release notes for...
  9. Elpibe

    Send: Firefox experimental file sharing

    Mozilla has launched a beta for a free end-to-end encrypted, timed-deletion, self-destructing file sharing platform
  10. conceptualclarity

    Websites & software constantly & continually reject valid passwords--why?

    I am FED UP! I keep my passwords in a LastPass vault. I don't enter them manually. I copy and paste. Human error by me is not the problem! The problem is website and application error. My vault says that I had to change my support.mozilla.com password in 2014. I tried to post last night. I got...
  11. K

    What browser has the best and most helpful blog?

    What do you think? I just thought of this, and i don't think people really talk about it. xo
  12. ttto

    Mozilla Acquires Pocket

    We are excited to announce that the Mozilla Corporation has completed the acquisition of Read It Later, Inc. the developers of Pocket. Mozilla is growing, experimenting more, and doubling down on our mission to keep the internet healthy, as a global public resource that’s open and accessible to...
  13. kev216

    Firebug discontinued as separate Firefox add-on

    As you might have heard already, Firebug has been discontinued as a separate Firefox add-on. The reason for this huge change is Electrolysis, Mozilla’s project name for a redesign of Firefox architecture to improve responsiveness, stability, and security. Electrolysis’s multiprocess...
  14. kev216

    Firefox 53: no support for Windows XP or Vista

    Source: http://www.ghacks.net/2016/09/27/firefox-53-no-support-for-windows-xp-or-vista/ Mozilla plans to end mainline support for the Microsoft operating systems Windows XP and Windows Vista with the release of Firefox 53 in March 2017. This means that Firefox 52 will be the last feature...
  15. Y

    Update Cyberfox Web Browsers

    Hello friends on MT :) Here is Cyberfox 64bit browsers :) This browser separately optimized for AMD and Intel processors. Cyberfox also create x86 bit browsers both AMD and Intel. There is also Linux version for Linux users. Learn more with scrolling.. 64bit downloads: Cyberfox x64 for...