1. Syafiq

    Troubleshoot Windows Incorrectly recognizes my HDD as a SSD

    Look at the SS: I was using Emsisoft AM before, because i'm restored my system to a previous state, right now i was using Bitdefender as my main AV.
  2. M

    Troubleshoot How do I get rid of the malware if it's in a Systems App?

    I've noticed that whenever I turned my phone on I get this white screen that loads into an ad. I thought it would stop there but while being on apps that don't have ads whatsoever again I am attacked by an ad. I searched on google about it and downloaded the apps that could scan the problem...
  3. E

    Possibly Infected - Unable To Delete Program

    So my friends wanted to make a TeamSpeak 3 Server because the one we were on had too many people on it and would mic-spam and hot-mic constantly. When I found a program to make a free TS 3 Server, I downloaded it, thinking it would work. The program stayed open for less than 2 seconds. I...