1. A

    Android Nock Nock

    I know there are webservices dedicated for knock, but I like the idea behind this app, it allows check simply the status code, or run a custom JavaScript on the sites you choose. Nock Nock is a simple app which allows you to monitor your websites for maximum uptime. The app will automatically...
  2. S

    Q&A Pi-hole - Network-wide Ad Blocking (And do you use it?)

    Homepage: Pi-hole®: A black hole for Internet advertisements Blog: Pi-hole Web Interface: The Next Generation Reddit: A subreddit dedicated to Pi-hole® • r/pihole Discourse: Pi-hole Userspace Block Over 100,000 Ad-serving Domains - Known ad-serving domains are pulled from third party sources...
  3. D

    [Emsisoft Articles] RDP brute force attacks: 5 tips to keep your business safe

    I will post here what i believe are relevant or informative articles. we start with: RDP brute force attacks: 5 tips to keep your business safe Read more here Oriented for businesses but i believe it can be informative for some of us.
  4. idunno

    Q&A How likely is it for a virus to spread via the network?

    I know I posted an article asking if this is possible, but now I want to know how likely is it. I read somewhere it is exetremly unlikely but that post was from 2013 and things could have changed. So, how likely is it? -Thanks!
  5. V

    pc cant detect chromecast after running zoek,exe

    I have used a software called zoek to remove and reset some setting which has done a lot of things and as a result, PC cant detect chrome cast on same network which works fine with other devices.
  6. H

    CBL says that I have a Conficker

    Hello, recently, I sent a few e-mails to some people and they didn't receive them. I checked if my IP is on a blacklist. Currently, it's listed on 5 blacklists, mainly Spamhaus and CBL. The CBL says that the IP is making connections to Conficker sinkholes. I've already tried to make a request...