1. feelsdabman

    Hello MT Forums!

    I'm just a kid who cares about his privacy. I hope I can contribute to the community and maybe learn from here too! I'll admit I'm no computer wizard, but I do know a lot more than the average person. ''
  2. alicex0

    haii everyone ^^

    Came in searching for help for my computer, stayed for all the amazing info this place has to offer, as i am studying frontend dev. =D
  3. D

    Hello MT member

    Hello, this is my first day at malwaretips. It looks like a great forum for building community. Hope, I will learn many things about Internet security.
  4. D

    Just Joined - Greeting!

    Hi everyone! I just joined the community. I'm doing research on cyber security best practices and UX (user experience) on different security platforms. Glad to be a part of the community!
  5. Wild Irish Rose


    Hello to everyone here!! :) I do not consider myself tech savvy by any means, but in the last year especially I have gained more knowledge due to work circumstances mostly. I hope to learn a lot more and thought this site with its knowledgeable members could help with that. Thanks to all for...
  6. MissSmartyPants

    Rah-Rah-Rah Hey Everybody!

    Okay, so here I am, a sexy grandmamma, begging for help, J/K, (My pathetic attempt at humor!). I do have 3 grown children...a Nurse, a Navy kid, and a Heating/Cooling kid. I have 2 fabulous D-I-L's and 15 Grands and I'm retired from law enforcement. Whew.... Yes, I have been busy!
  7. M

    I'm a noob lol

    I'm a college student atm sooo going into a field in computers specifically like a help desk person.
  8. E

    New member; Hi

    I came up to this site because my virusscanner software warned me that COM surrogate is trying to infect me. I blocked it but I already thought that my system was infected. So I did some browsing and came up to the guide of removing the threat by malwaretips. I had some more questions so I...
  9. Fatman1036

    Hello glad to be here.

    Thanks again.
  10. Muppet

    I've been here a long time.

    I've been a lurker, or shall I say, a reader here or a couple of years and I truly enjoy the people and the knowledge that's shared. It's high time that I post.
  11. T

    hello from a new member in Brasil

    Hello, I'm a senior architect, an university teacher and researcher, from Minas Gerais in Brazil.I'm having persistent virus/malware problems, but I'll Post that to the right forum. I'm sorry if this is not a post to the new members introduction forum. I find it confusing that there's no button...