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    Internet works for everything else except my laptop after using Malwarebytes

    Hi guys, I need your help. I was being bothered by something called DNS Unlocker and it was starting to become a real pain. I did some research and came across Malwarebytes which said could be a possible way to get rid of these popups. After doing the scan and sucessfully removing 200+ items, I...
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    Unable to use internet after running MBAM

    I noticed ads popping up all over the place when I was using Chrome so I ran MBAM to get rid of the adware. Afterwards, my computer can connect to the internet but when I try to visit any websites a page appears instead saying "Unable to connect to proxy server".
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    Solved No internet on private networks after malware bytes removal

    Hi, I can't access the internet from home after installing malware bytes and removing the files suggested by the software. It shows that the computer is connected to the network, but that it isn't connected to the internet. There is no option to change from a private network to a public network...
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    Solved Lost live NHL connection after Malwarebytes fixed malware

    I have a program called "Kodi"; In this program there is a feature where by I can watch live NHL hockey. I had to run Malwarebytes when I tried to download a fireplace for a screen saver on my TV. I got a load of malware. Now after running Malwarebytes to clean out over 500 threats and then a...
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    No internet due to malicious software?

    I installed daemon tools pro like an idiot and it came packed with wonderful adware and such that there was no opting out of. It installed you tube accelerator and shopping something UI and attached itself to a couple services like spotifywebhelper and Firefox. I forced closed these programs to...
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    no interne after Malwarebytes

    Im very worried about it, im hoping you could help me. Thx