1. LukeLovesSecurity

    Can MAC Address Changer ruin my network adapter?

    I came accross NVT's MAC Address Changer, and I'm very excited to see a MAC changer for Windows. However, could this program ruin my network adapter or any other components? If so, how do I reduce the risk of that happening?
  2. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Why aren't NoVirusThanks' free programs open source?

    I could understand why their paid products like their Anti-EXE is not FOSS, but if they are going to create free tools to use, why not make them open source?
  3. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Is it overkill to use OSArmor with Emsisoft?

    Would it be overkill to use OSArmor with Emsisoft Anti-Malware?
  4. Rengar

    Help Me Decide Compliment Windows Defender: Zemana AM, NoVirusThanks or VoodooShield?

    Hey, i have Windows Defender and im looking for a second layer of protection. 1) Zemana AM 2) NoVirusThanks EXE Radar Pro 3) VoodooShield FREE Whats the best vs zero day malware, i mean, can ZAM protect me from true zero day malware or VoodooShield FREE is better or NoVirusThanks EXE?
  5. RmG152

    File System Protector - Lock Files\Folders, Deny Write Access to Files

    NoVirusThanks File System Protector is a powerful utility which uses a kernel-mode driver to completely lock a file or a folder and to deny write access to files (allow read-only). You can write rules for any process or only for specific processes, you can lock files or folders and you can also...
  6. D

    NVT Registry Guard - Protect registry keys and values

    NoVirusThanks Registry Guard is a powerful utility which uses a kernel-mode driver to prevent any process or only specific processes from writing\reading\deleting custom registry keys\values. You can prevent, for example, any process from writing to registry autostart locations, or prevent...
  7. D

    [Quick Review] NoVirusThanks Smart Object Blocker (v1.1 Beta )

    Hi guys , NoViruThanks , creators of the formidable anti-executable ExeRadarPro (aka ERP) has released a new tool (still in beta but functionning) called Smart Object Blocker. you can find it here: NoVirusThanks Smart Object Blocker - NoVirusThanks What is it ? Smart Object Blocker (aka...
  8. D

    NVT Smart Object Blocker Update Thread

    Released stable version v1.1: http://downloads.novirusthanks.org/files/SmartObjectBlocker_Setup.exe This is the full changelog: [20-08-2015] v1.1.0.0 + Added tray icon with right-click menu + Change the tray icon when objects are blocked if the GUI is not showing + Improved support for Windows...