1. upnorth

    Congress Debating Warrantless Surveillance in The Dark

    Dan Coats, Director of national intelligence, left, and Michael Rogers, Director of the National Security Agency. Quote : " Several of the programs Snowden revealed are authorized under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act. The 2008 law was scheduled to sunset on...
  2. upnorth

    Off-Topic Secrets of Superspies

    Quote : " When there is a security incident, everyone believes that all is lost. However, if handled properly, it can lead to strengthening the current security program. This presentation discusses a systematic methodology to accomplish this. Recent case studies will be analyzed to demonstrate...
  3. upnorth

    Off-Topic N.S.A. Shaken

    Quote : " Jake Williams awoke last April in an Orlando, Fla., hotel where he was leading a training session. Checking Twitter, Mr. Williams, a cybersecurity expert, was dismayed to discover that he had been thrust into the middle of one of the worst security debacles ever to befall American...
  4. DeepWeb

    Does anyone here follow the NSA's advice?

    IAD’s Top 10 Information Assurance Mitigation Strategies 1. Application Whitelisting 2. Control & limit administrative privileges 3. Limit file-sharing 4. Use a cloud-based antivirus 5. Enable anti-exploit features 6. Use a HIPS 7. Use a Secure baseline (configure group policy) 8. Use a...
  5. Umbra

    Hacking Alert Leaked NSA Malware Threatens Windows users around the world

    Then : What Windows users need to know about the latest 'ShadowBrokers' exploits | Windows Central
  6. A

    Update uBlock/Adblock Filter for NSA

    uBlock/Adblock filters to block NSA known servers from Shadow Brokers dump. ! Adblock the NSA. ! List of servers from Matt Swann on Twitter ! If you have uBlock Origin installed, open the page ! chrome://ublock0/content/dashboard.html#1p-filters.html ! and paste these filters on it...
  7. _CyberGhosT_

    Hack Of NSA Confirmed

    Newly liberated NSA files from whistleblower Edward Snowden remove any doubt that the “ShadowBrokers” hack on the NSA this week is real, according to a new report. Following Snowden’s reactions on Twitter the day after an apparent hack on the National Security Agency, the publication that...
  8. Tony Cole

    NSA wants to Exploit Internet of Things and Biomedical Devices

    NSA wants to Exploit Internet of Things and Biomedical Devices The cyber attack vectors available to hackers will continue to grow as the Internet of Things (IoTs)become more commonplace, making valuable data accessible through an ever-widening selection of entry points. Although it's not...
  9. Durden

    What do you think about symantec ?

    Hello everyone. :) here's the thing.. during the early 2000's I hated symantec and it's security product norton , and I've always used NOD32 or Kaspersky .. but since ~ 2011 (I guess) I started to like their products and their new approach to security. so bottom line is , today, security-wise I...
  10. Dima007

    Appeals court allows NSA bulk phone spying to continue unabated

    The nation's only successful challenge to the National Security Agency's bulk telephone metadata surveillance program lasted just one day, as a federal appeals court is allowing the constitutionally suspect program to continue unabated. The day-long constitutional victory Monday impacted a...
  11. L

    NSA can keep illegally spying on Americans into November

    Federal court rejects lawsuit asking for immediate end The NSA can continue its illegal spying on Americans for one final month after a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit that wanted it shut down immediately. The New York Appeals Court declined to block the surveillance program, which is due to...
  12. Dima007

    How the NSA can break trillions of encrypted Web and VPN connections

    For years, privacy advocates have pushed developers of websites, virtual private network apps, and other cryptographic software to adopt the Diffie-Hellman cryptographic key exchange as a defense against surveillance from the US National Security Agency and other state-sponsored spies. Now...
  13. Dima007

    France's Government Aims to Give Itself - and the NSA - Carte Blanche to Spy on the World

    The United States makes an improper division between surveillance conducted on residents of the United States and the surveillance that is conducted with almost no restraint upon the rest of the world. This double standard has proved poisonous to the rights of Americans and non-Americans alike...
  14. Dima007

    Jeb Bush Asks That You Stop 'Demonizing' the NSA, Please

    Jeb Bush has been cozying up to Silicon Valley this election season, but his newly announced cybersecurity platform isn’t likely to win him many fans within the tech industry. In a lengthy post detailing his plans today, the former governor advocated for increased government surveillance...
  15. Dima007

    NSA Chief Says Iranian Cyberattacks Against U.S. Have Slowed

    WASHINGTON—Cyberattacks against the U.S. by Iranian hackers have eased noticeably since nuclear talks intensified last year, but there is no sign that Iran’s leaders plan to scuttle their cyberweapons program, National Security Agency Director Adm. Michael Rogers said. At a House Intelligence...
  16. Dima007

    Ex-NSA contractor Snowden appears at Norwegian prize ceremony via video link from Russia

    COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Former intelligence worker Edward Snowden has received a prize from the Norwegian Academy of Literature and Freedom of Expression, accepting via a live video link from Russia. The former National Security Agency systems analyst got a standing ovation Saturday when the...
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