1. P

    Q&A Clipboard protection while online surfing / payments

    Hello, Do you know if Bifdefender Internet Security has the feature of clipboard protection as well as Kaspersky (v17+) and F-Secure (v17.6) do? There is no any mention of that in the user guide...
  2. S

    Extension Moon - Shop with Cryptocurrency directly on Amazon.com

    Homepage: Moon View their Privacy Policy Moon is a browser extension that offers an alternative payment method when shopping online. Pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether or Bitcoin Cash directly on Amazon.com. Shop directly on Amazon.com via Lightning Network or from your Coinbase account with...
  3. R

    Extension Firefox Shopping Addons - are they safe to use?

    I'm seeing some interesting addons for Firefox that help compare prices in Amazon stores throughout Europe and track prices through time. My question is are these things safe to install in your browser or are best to be avoid? In case they are safe can you recommend any in particular? Thanks!
  4. Logethica

    Shoppers- 19% Abandon Hacked Retailers..Would You?

    Cyber Attacks On Retailers Make Online Shoppers Wary: SOURCE: cxotoday.com (ARTICLE DATE: 24th Aug 2016) According to the 2016 KPMG Consumer Loss Barometer, in surveying 448 consumers, KPMG found that 19 per cent said they would stop shopping at a retailer that had been a victim of a...