1. Spawn

    Opera Devs quit after Chinese takeover

    Are there any indicators why the team left? Three of the four posted the information on Twitter. They did not reveal why they are leaving or left Opera Software, only that they did and that they are looking for new job opportunities. This, and the fact that they have all quit at around the same...
  2. HeroCloudAntivirus

    Compare Performance Opera Or Vivaldi browser?

    I came across this test between Opera AND Vivaldi, what do you guys choose (in terms of security)?
  3. Spawn

    You should consider Opera, according to WindowsCentral.com

    Why you should consider switching to Opera's latest browser for Windows 10 "Today, we're taking a look at the latest version of Opera for Windows, version 37 and 39 at their request. Not being a regular Opera user I like challenges, so I accepted their offer. So, how did I like using Opera 37...
  4. Spawn

    Opera Developer 38 - Free VPN for Better Online Privacy

    Opera Blog: Free VPN | Now built into Opera browser Today, we want to share with you another big thing that you will first see in the developer channel for Opera for computers. We are the first major browser maker to integrate an unlimited and free VPN or virtual private network. Now, you...
  5. Spawn

    Q&A Difference between Opera Mini and Opera browser?

    Deciding on installing Opera for Android? Here are the key differences: "Opera Mini is a cloud-based browser that takes very less space on your phone. All your browsing with Opera Mini goes through Opera servers. These servers compress web pages, including text and images, down to 10% of their...