1. MalwareTips Bot

    Opera Get early access to Opera GX, Opera’s first gaming browser

    Hello, We are excited to let you know that we just opened up the subscription to the early access program for Opera GX, a new and special version of our browser made with those of you who play games in mind. While we can’t reveal more about this new desktop browser just yet, we would like to...
  2. H

    Q&A Kaspersky Total Security 2018, web antivirus is resource hog. Disabled.

    For years MSE was used. Now using a trial version of Kaspersky Total Security since one week, due to the impressive looking security it offers, and the excellent reputation. Kaspersky web antivirus is disabled on my machine, due to serious intermittent delays in startup of Opera browser. The...
  3. Faybert

    Update Opera 51.0.2830.34 Stable update

    Hi, Today, we’re updating Stable stream for Opera 51. Besides the new chromium version, 64.0.3282.140, we’ve made some fixes to small bugs and other interruptions. Have a nice day! Here is the full changelog. Installation links: Opera Stable for Windows Opera Stable for macOS Opera...
  4. CyberTech

    New Opera update is 38% faster than Firefox Quantum

    Opera 51 has now been released onto the stable channel bringing with it improved browsing speeds, tabs that let you quickly scroll to the top of web pages, import and export options for bookmarks, and much more. The latest released is powered by a fine-tuned version of Chromium 64. Opera 51 on...
  5. Faybert

    Update Opera 50.0.2762.67 Stable update

    This update contains security fixes and also fixes some errors in the Windows installer:Opera 50.0.2762.67 Stable update - Opera Desktop
  6. Faybert

    Update Opera 50 introduces anti-Bitcoin mining tool.

    New Opera 50, features anti-Bitcoin mining tool, improvements in your VPN, save PDF and other improvements: New year, new browser. Opera 50 introduces anti-Bitcoin mining tool - Opera Desktop
  7. Handsome Recluse

    Microsoft New Browser efficiency comparison - Fullscreen Video

    Browser efficiency comparison - Fullscreen Video Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update Methodology summary The Microsoft Edge team measured the time it took three identical Surface Book laptops to run fully through their batteries while streaming HTML5 video in fullscreen. The test was done on three...
  8. kev216

    Android Opera discontinues Opera Max

    Source: Upcoming changes of Opera Max Opera Max, the app that allowed users to manage and reduce data usage across their Android mobile phone applications, was initially released in 2014. Opera has now decided to discontinue Opera Max. The product had a substantially different value proposition...
  9. Handsome Recluse

    Most Responsive Browser in Power Saver Mode and...

    What's the most responsive browser in power saver mode and what browser has the best battery life regardless of mode? How much battery life do you get over the base battery life when you use other browsers?
  10. Parsh

    Security Alert Phishing Attack almost impossible to detect in Chrome, Firefox and Opera

    A Chinese infosec researcher has discovered a new "almost impossible to detect" phishing attack that can be used to trick even the most careful users on the Internet. He warned, Hackers can use a known vulnerability in the Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers to display their fake domain names...
  11. jamescv7

    Review Opera Neon Review

    Read more on their blogs
  12. ttto

    Opera launches Neon, a new experimental desktop browser

    Opera launches Neon, a new experimental desktop browser Browsers have gotten boring. After a flurry of innovation, especially around the time Google launched Chrome, things slowed down over the last few years. We’ve seen a few interesting experiments, mostly from smaller players like Yandex...
  13. ttto

    Opera 42 comes with a built-in currency converter and more!

    Opera is now the first of the major browsers to add a built-in currency converter. It makes it easy to check what items cost, and is ready to improve the way people shop online. Cross-border e-commerce is booming all around the world. According to research, within four years, 45% of online...
  14. Handsome Recluse

    Extension Comodo SecureTab

    Does Comodo SecureTab work for anyone? The extension in Chrome Web Store has reviews all in the same day so this sounds fishy and there doesn't seem to be anything happening aside from the extension not working. I don't know if I can send links so I won't. I don't even know if this is the right...
  15. Y

    Update Opera, Opera Beta & Opera Developer

    (Icons depending on the channels) This thread will be Opera browsers updates thread. Please follow this thread for future updates and notes. Opera 41 beta – Harder, better, faster, stronger Release Notes...
  16. A

    Help Me Decide Security: Opera or Yandex?

    Hi friends :) I take some months using Opera and I really love it. Today, for testing, I installed Yandex browser and feel that it is significantly faster in my computer. I have read that Yandex can be intrusive on privacy (but as a Windows and Google user, that does not worry me too much...
  17. kev216

    Deal Closed: Opera sold to Chinese Consortium

    Some more developments over at Opera, the browser company based out of Norway. The company announced that an offer to acquire the company for $1.2 billion has now been terminated, and in the meantime, the deal has been renegotiated: the same group will now pay $600 million to acquire only...
  18. kev216

    Opera takeover gets go ahead from shareholders

    Opera's Chinese suitors have secured the minimum level of shareholder support they demanded to proceed with their $1.2bn offer for the Norwegian software firm. Opera announced today that a preliminary tally of acceptances had passed the threshold set by the Chinese consortium, which is led by...
  19. kev216

    Can Opera's Chinese suitors make looming deadline for takeover bid?

    Figures in a statement from Opera Software have cast doubt on whether a $1.2bn takeover bid from a Chinese consortium will go ahead as planned. The company has issued a communiqué to the Norwegian stock exchange explaining that less than 73 percent of its stockholders have currently accepted...