1. ttto

    Q&A AV Software UI that you liked most in last years?

    A while ago I was looking some stuff online and I saw the interface of Kaspersky 2011, which for me is the one I like most of all I've seen so far, and I thought, in my opinion, that now do not do interfaces so nice as before. Whats your opinion folks? whats your top interfaces? For me: 1->...
  2. S

    Off-Topic My Opinion: Lifetime licenses are not good value

    From On Sale! - Windscribe VPN: Lifetime Pro Subscription (ending in: 6 days) Original value of $900? Oh please. According to Windscribe's website (Pricing), the most popular subscription is the Yearly Plan of $49 USD per year. Most Free tier users won't have thought about parting with $49...
  3. S

    Q&A What's your Browser on iOS and Android?

    What browser do you use on Android and iOS? I already posted my thoughts here for Android, but undecided between Edge or Brave for iOS (iPhone).
  4. Robbie

    Antivirus companies opinions on testing labs

    In the past few days, i have personally contacted popular security companies, faking to be a worried user of their product, claiming their software performed low on independent test labs. This was intended to force techinal support give their opinion on these kind of labs: should a regular user...