1. Seyyed Akram

    Bundle Sale Panda DA, Dashlane, Nord VPN and Degoo

    Panda Dome Advanced, Dashlane, Nord VPN, and Degoo 2TB for $9.99/month FAQ
  2. harlan4096

    Zero-Day Protection Report Panda Dome Premium 18 - November 2018 Report

    Panda Dome Premium 18 - November 2018 Report * Dynamic BB Bonus Test (PD resident AV module disabled + Application Control disabled + NVT OSA disabled) * Partially Blocked * BSR: Before System Reboot * ASR: After System Reboot November 2018 Samples Pack Static Detection Dynamic Detection Total...
  3. harlan4096

    Zero-Day Protection Report Panda Dome Premium - October 2018 Report

    Panda Dome Premium 18 - October 2018 Report * Dynamic BB Bonus Test (PD resident AV module disabled + Application Control disabled + NVT OSA disabled) October 2018 Samples Pack Static Detection Dynamic Detection Total Detection Bait Files Encrypted 2nd Opinion Scanners System Final Status...
  4. kev216

    Q&A Technologies behind Panda Antivirus

    I found this official paper from Panda Security. It describes in detail how the mechanisms behind their behaviour blocker and behaviour analysis (a.k.a Truprevent) and the collective intelligence cloud technology works. These technologies are used in both their free and paid home antivirus...
  5. Aerdian

    Video Panda Free Antivirus 2018: Review

    Please note that this video was created before receiving feedback on my most recent video (Windows Defender Review), so please don't be upset if I didn't use your suggestions yet :) Additionally, Panda Free did not block any web threats. I'm guessing something went wrong there, so just to let...
  6. F

    Troubleshoot Is **** safe?

    I took a 6 month license of panda essential dome from the **** site, downloaded the installer that they made available, could not download it through the official website, the installer may have been modified by the site? Sorry for any typing errors. I'm Brazilian...
  7. Winter Soldier

    Are your devices listening to you?

    Increasingly we’re surrounded by devices that have microphones. Not just our computers and smartphones, but smart home devices like Alexa and Echo and even our TVs. The problem is these mics are not just accepting commands, they’re listening to what’s going on in the background too. Panda...
  8. Sundaram999

    Expired Win 1 of the 100 licenses of Panda Internet Security

    Giveawayoftheday - Win 1 of the 100 licenses of Panda Internet Security The licenses are valid for 1 year and can be activated on 3 devices including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. 6 ways to enter: Subscribe to YouTube channel Tweet with #giveawayPanda Download Panda Global Protection trial...
  9. M

    Video Panda Free Review

    Hi all, This is my review of Panda Free Anti-Virus. *Please note: Camtasia stopped recording video for the last 2-3 minutes for no real reason - I do apologise! Thanks for watching & more videos coming this weekend.
  10. Rolo

    Compare Performance Bitdefender Free vs. Panda Free (2017)

    After eliminating other free products (Avast, too many false-positives and nags; AVG, poor detection and lousy performance; Avira, nags; Qihoo, way too many false-positives), I'm down to two. Bitdefender stepped up its free product but Panda is still touting their performance from 2 years ago...
  11. Baron Mordo

    Help Me Decide AVG Free Antivirus or Panda Free Antivirus

    help me decide which one is the better free solution
  12. R

    Odd thing about Free Antiviruses

    I have used free applications for years now. Few observations : Avast is the most common name around. I personally like it's interface and free utilities. But time and again, I have seen it fail an average user like me. I installed it a few months ago, replacing 360, and it immediately found...
  13. Logethica

    4 Must Read Cyber Security Reports

    Please note that viewing/downloading the reports listed below may require "form filling": 1. Midyear Cybersecurity Report (Cisco) Looking at trends from the first half of 2016, this Cisco report focuses on trends including the growth of ransomware, malvertising and vulnerabilities related to...
  14. Petrovic

    Panda Protection: New beta available

    Want to have a tailor-made security solution? Now you can. With Panda, you'll be protected and have the ability to add and remove security features so that you ONLY pay for the things you use and need. As always, your opinion is very important to us, so we want you to be the first to try it...
  15. J

    Video Panda Global Protection 2016 - Test

    Product tested: Panda Global Protection 2016 Good watching! ;)
  16. lordman

    Privilege escalation vulnerability in PSEvents.exe with Panda 2016 products

    A vulnerability in the Panda 2016 products that allows the execution of code with elevated permissions has been detected in Small Business Protection and Panda 2016 products. The PSEvents.exe process is periodically run with elevated permissions and has dependencies of libraries located both in...
  17. frogboy

    Panda Security Spotted Over 80 Million New Malware Samples in 2015

    Over a quarter of all the malware ever recorded appeared in 2015, according to startling new statistics from Panda Security. The Spanish security vendor’s PandaLabs researchers claimed to have seen a staggering 84 million new malware samples last year, which equates to a daily average of...