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    Discuss Hardware Password Manager

    I'm currently using an online password manager but have been considering moving towards a hardware based one like the Mooltipass. To access passwords with a device like this you would need: The Mooltipass (Physical 1) A smart card (Physical 2) An alphanumeric 4 digit PIN It also allows...
  2. A

    Apple iOS The all-new Sticky Password App for iOS

    I have just received a new update for Sticky Password through the App Store. They’ve completely redesigned the app. It is now faster and smoother. The App was just 15 mb in size. After the update, it is 53. They have added “Password Generator” tool.
  3. J

    Extension Buttercup - A Simple Password Manager

    Buttercup is a freeware and intuitive password manager, which uses AES 256 Bit encryption to secure stored passwords. Buttercup is avalaible for Windows, Linux and Mac, but also for browsers (Chrome and Chrome-based browsers and Firefox and Firefox-based browsers) and for iOS and Android.
  4. Moorisheagle

    Solved A password is demanded on Startup

    Moorisheagle It would appear "something" has hijacked my Microsoft account because I am unable to Print Screen and paste the startup page. I believe my Microsoft account is hijacked. Startup page shows my Icon, User Name, "Locked" a window - "Password" is demanded then, I am allowed access to my...
  5. L

    Review Cyclonis Password Manager

    Hi friends of Malwaretip.com, I am recommended to use Cyclonis password manager by a tech-savvy friend. It's a new and free password manager, so I am wondering if it's secure or good enough to protect my logins. Having been used for a week, I thought it good, especially the auto-fill function...
  6. oneeye

    Android Oneeye's HTC m9 Sprint

    One of the biggest things I've done is to limit the number if apps that have advertising SDK's, because they have the same permissions as the app does. As a result, I've paid for pro versions, and or, the apps are free, & ad free, open source (which I donate to). So out of 160+ apps, only a...
  7. W

    Q&A What password manager to you use as of 2017 ?

    So it's already July and why not take the time and talk about what password manager do we use as of 2017. Are you using the native password manager of your browser ? And if you're using a third party one, is it open source such as KeePass or proprietary, stored locally or cloud based, used on...
  8. S

    LastPass connectivity locks out UK users

    I haven't experienced any issues this week, so far.
  9. R

    Q&A Recommended free password manager?

    I'm looking into free password managers and so far have seen that KeePass seems to have good reputation? Are there any others that the community recommends? Or maybe KeePass is the best choice? Thanks!
  10. Sundaram999

    Expired Sticky Password Premium - 1 year free license

    Sticky Password Premium - 1 year free Version is v8.0.8.116 Download size is 28.8 MB Supports Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and 10 [32-bit and 64-bit]), Mac OS X 10.8 and up, Android (2.3 and up), and iOS (8.0 and up); you must register your license on Windows or Mac before you can use it with...
  11. Logethica

    The Downside to Mandatory Password Changes

    Column: The Downside to Mandatory Password Changes: Is requiring users to regularly change their passwords a good idea? Passwords are often referred to as the weakest link in security by many cybersecurity professionals, primarily because of the human element... Human behavior is very...
  12. S

    Update Avast Passwords v1.3.1 for Android

    What's New in 1.3.1 Added couple of new languages (Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Czech, Dutch, Portuguese(Brazil)) Autofill improvements. Tablets now support landscape mode. Added new rating dialog. Various little improvements and bug fixes Be aware that Avast Passwords Manager (requires...
  13. Logethica

    The best password manager 2016

    The best password manager 2016: Keep your passwords secure Passwords are a pain. It's easy to mock the people using '12345678' for everything, but creating and recalling strong passwords that are unique to each website is a huge PITA. Thank goodness, then, for password managers: not only do...
  14. Sundaram999

    Expired Kaspersky Password Manager Premium

    Get 1 year free licenses of Kaspersky Password Manager Premium. IMPORTANT! When checking the actions of the giveaway, the activation code (activation code) was taken in 1 day.
  15. S

    True Key (by Intel Security) - Multi-Factor Password Manager

    Intel Security True Key - Multi-factor Authentication Password Manager | Support Free version: Up to 15 passwords Premium version: Up to 2000 passwords or logins ($20/year) Log in to your True Key Password Manager with: Face Fingerprint 2nd Device Master Password Email Trusted Device Full...
  16. Sundaram999

    Expired Sticky Password Premium

    1 year free license for Sticky Password Premium v.8
  17. J

    Expired Secure Safe Pro 3.5 - GOTD

    Promo link: Protect your passwords and confidential files. Get on GOTD for FREE!
  18. J

    Extension XeroPass for Mozilla Firefox

    XeroPass is a new browser extension, really useful and simply to use, it allows you to get rid of always remember passwords and credentials for all your online accounts! Official description: Homepage: https://xeropass.com/ This extension is avalaible for Mozilla Firefox and Firefox-based...
  19. S

    Password Boss

    Homepage: Password Boss Download: Apple iOS (iTunes) | Google Android (Play Store) Free Features Password Vault - Store an unlimited number of passwords Digital Wallet - Save time with faster online checkouts Auto-fill - Automatically fill in forms on websites Works on all Platforms -...