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    Q&A What are your security and privacy 2018 New Year's resolutions ?

    With 2018 around the corner, the traditional "New Year's resolution" comes to mind to many of us. Dropping a few pounds, going to the gym, eating healthier... those are the "classics". But what about your security and safety setup ? Have you given any thoughts about what you could do to improve...
  2. LukeLovesSecurity

    Compare Protection Which Antivirus has the best detection ratio for Android?

    I'm trying to get the best protection I can for my phone. I wanted to see what people think has the best detection rate.
  3. L S

    Q&A The Best Driver Updater For Windows By Your Experience ? - 2017

    Hello MalwareTips-ters :) :) ;) I Decided to use new Driver Updater (Pro or Free - It doesn't matter ! ) . So please give me your appreciated opinion and your experience to pick a good Driver Updater For Windows. Here are some suggestions that I found for September 2017. but it would also help...
  4. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A What should I use for my lightweight config?

    About a week ago I made a post on what configuration I should go with on a gaming system. I got a bunch of mixed answers, so I decided to make this poll to set the numbers straight and see what config I should really go with.
  5. Logethica

    Q&A Using Dedicated Anti-Ransomware Software

    Using Dedicated Anti-Ransomware Software: Are you currently using a dedicated Anti-Ransomware software?..such as- Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware CryptoPrevent Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware BETA SBGuard Anti-Ransomware WinAntiRansom If you do not currently use a dedicated Anti-Ransomware software...
  6. Logethica

    Q&A The Antivirus, Anti-Malware, & UAC Poll

    The Antivirus, Anti-Malware, & UAC Preferences Poll: For many of us here Antivirus, Anti-Malware, and UAC are cornerstones of computer security, yet our preferences regarding the choice or settings of these still differ from person to person. This Poll is to gauge those differences. ANTIVIRUS...
  7. Logethica

    AU: 3 weeks on- Who had problems/Did not/Yet to install?

    It has been 3 Weeks since the release of the Windows Anniversary Update,and a multitude of problems associated with it have been well publicised online.. The after effects of the AU varied dramatically from person to person.Some were completely unaffected while others experienced issues that...
  8. Logethica

    Q&A Which of these Search Engines do you use?

    Top 5 Most Popular Search Engines: (LAST UPDATED AUG 1st 2016) SOURCE: ebizmba.com Most Popular Search Engines as derived from our eBizMBA Rank which is a continually updated average of each website's Alexa Global Traffic Rank, and U.S. Traffic Rank from both Compete and Quantcast; Google...
  9. Logethica

    Are these the 10 best Anti-Hacking Software?

    Windowsreport.com recently published an article titled..."10 best anti-hacking software for Windows 10"... and I was very surprised by what was Included ,and absent from this list.... For the full article,and the reasons for their selection please visit the above link,but for the purpose of...
  10. Logethica

    The best password manager 2016

    The best password manager 2016: Keep your passwords secure Passwords are a pain. It's easy to mock the people using '12345678' for everything, but creating and recalling strong passwords that are unique to each website is a huge PITA. Thank goodness, then, for password managers: not only do...
  11. Logethica

    Q&A Antivirus- Dead Or Alive?

    Antivirus- Dead Or Alive? The general notion in the cybersecurity industry is that antivirus is an antiquated product, which does not provide enough security against today’s advanced threats. Symantec CEO even went further and declared the demise of the Anti-Virus. But recent events seem to...
  12. Logethica

    Q&A Is your computer security knowledge Basic/Medium/Advanced?

    When we join Malwaretips we are asked if our Computer Security Knowledge is Basic, Medium, or Advanced. This seems like an easy question, as it has only 3 choices to pick from....but comparing ones level of Computer Security knowledge to the general population can be trickier than it first...
  13. Logethica

    Off-Topic Which of the World's most popular Sports do you watch?

    As many of us may use the internet to stream live sports..I thought that it would be interesting to find out which sports fellow MT members watch,especially as MT has members from all over the World. Recently sportsgoogly.com listed the .."Top 10 World Most Popular Sports 2016" ...So I have...