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    Solved Firefox Pop-Up Ads

    Hello everyone Having multiple pop ups each day since a week, nothing helps. Tried several anti-malware programs. Sometimes it seemed like the pop-up ads are gone just to be back on the next day. Checked my installed software and deinstalled everything that seemed fishy or unnecessary. This...
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    Solved Random ads opening every ~40 minutes

    Hi, So I recently downloaded a torrent file from a russian website, which of course had a virus come with it. About every 40 minutes a random ad window will pop up in Google Chrome, regardless of Chrome being open or not. I have tried everything I could think of in order to remove the virus...
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    Solved Tabs Popping up in Chrome on Their own.

    Hi, I am having difficulty with popups that are opening in Chrome (doesn't occur in other browsers) in new tabs. They not only force me to go to that tab, but also minimize any program that i am currently using. I have tried many methods to fixing this as stated in the description above. I've...
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    Solved Malware Undetected - Help Please

    Took many steps suggested by the internet but ive not found a solution to my problem, i have a feeling that he infection is a lot more than i expected no bank details or anything has been accessed at the moment but i would like to remove the infection asap to reduce the risk of this happening i...
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    Solved Malware, Adware, Spyware, pop-up ads and redirects

    My father downloaded a fake Flash from a site claiming he needed to update Flash on 3/16/2016 on Microsoft Edge. Since then Microsoft Edge is overrun by pop-up ads (many using something called DNSUnlocker). I used this link: Remove pop-up ads from Microsoft Edge browser (Guide) and followed...
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    Occasional Pop-Up Ads After Clearing Most of a Malware Infection

    PC got infected about one month ago. I had downloaded a file that turned out to be spyware/malware. Initially my computer kept having pop up ads, my browser search engines were changed, my Windows services were affected and a giant Windows 10 ad blocked my desktop and prevented me from doing...
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    Solved Browser Problem?

    Help ;-; - All I add more info here later.