1. conceptualclarity

    Q&A Any downside to going portable over installed, esp. with browsers or email like Thunderbird?

    I'm going to set up a new system soon. The only downside I'm aware of concerning portable programs is that you have to make the Start Menu shortcuts yourself. But I don't have long experience with choosing portable versions of programs that install, so I want to know if there are any other...
  2. conceptualclarity

    Help Me Decide LiberKey and PortableApps.com Launcher, which is better?

    Please tell me of your experiences with these programs, especially if you have had both. I want to know if the program is prone to giving unexpected usability issues. In particular I am interested in knowing about the ease of using the platform to update programs. Would it be worthwhile to have...
  3. Danielx64

    Q&A Security wise, is there much of an advantage to using portable software?

    I'm aware that portable software are great in the fact that you don't need to reinstall then every time you clean install windows, but what about on the security front? Are they more secure than the versions being installed on your PC? What are your thoughts on the matter?
  4. S

    AppImage - Run Linux Apps Anywhere, Make It Portable

    AppImage - Linux apps that run anywhere As a user, I want to download an application from the original author, and run it on my Linux desktop system just like I would do with a Windows or Mac application. As an application author, I want to provide packages for Linux desktop systems, without...