1. Sunshine-boy

    Zonealarm Anti-Ransomware (Beta)

    Hello:p 3 days ago ZoneAlarm released new anti ransomware tool. U can get it here: Download ZoneAlarm's Anti-Ransomware or ZoneAlarm Beta Sign-up
  2. Y

    Unknown Malware Continues to Rise

    Last year, unknown malware downloads rose over 900% with more than 970 downloads per hour compared to 106 previously. Known and unknown malware, bots and mobile vulnerabilities – find out where your organization is most exposed in the 2016 Check Point Security Report. On an average day, known...
  3. T

    Shodan prevention

    Ok guys, im new here, i am reading that forum some time, but i registered here only to ask that question. So friend of mine gave me link to shodanhq, and he said, you can watch webcams and control phones only knowing IP adress or city. Well, how can i prevent from that? It is firewall job, or...