1. Av Gurus

    How Much Privacy Is Your Browser Providing?

    To prevent web sites from learning all about you and your browsing habits, you need to enable various security settings in your browser. You may also choose to install one or more browser extensions to automatically configure your browser for optimum privacy. But having done all that, just how...
  2. D

    Privacy-focused : Tails 2.0 beta 1 Linux distro is here

    it is a live OS, you don't install it.
  3. D

    Q&A Umbra's Great Paranoid Guide (Update in progress)

    hi folks, i saw lately many people have concerns about being infected and also about their "privacy" (if we dare say there is privacy on the net) so i will start here a simple "guide" for paranoid-oriented people, this guide is just about collected facts & sources, i came across; not an...
  4. Kate_L

    Q&A BetterPrivacy alternative ?

    Hello, Since BetterPrivacy is not updated to the last version (Firefox), I wanna know if there is a good alternative. I tried Self-Destructing Cookies but I don't like it. Add-ons I already use are: uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere.
  5. BoraMurdar

    Tutorial Protect your privacy in Windows 10

    Actually Windows 10 allows you to configure lots of settings to improve your privacy at the time of Windows 10 installation as well as after installation. That's why we are dividing this tutorial in two parts: PART 1: Configure Windows 10 Privacy Settings at Installation Time PART 2: Configure...
  6. little bird

    Android What can an advertising SDK do to steal your privacy?

    Have you ever wondered how a mobile APP abuses your privacy? Our team now uncovered the truth about it. We use Youmi SDK as our sample to introduce you how much information an advertising SDK on Android steals. Here is the truth: We downloaded Youmi SDK v5.3.3 (package name...
  7. L

    The Edward Snowden guide to practical privacy

    NSA whistleblower talks turkey about personal surveillance If you want to limit how much governments and companies know about you and your private life, then use Tor, download specific apps and plug-ins, encrypt your hard drive, and use a password manager. Those are among the tips provided by...
  8. L

    PGP Zimmerman: 'You want privacy? Well privacy costs MONEY'

    And no, I can't beat the NSA or GCHQ for you IP EXPO 2015 Delivering a keynote in London today, the famous inventor of PGP complained that consumers want privacy for free, forcing his company Silent Circle to focus on selling secure telephony to enterprises - while he would like to see it more...
  9. Tyrizian

    Firefox about:config: Privacy & Security

    Feel free to share your privacy & security settings that you use in Firefox about:config. Some of us might be using something completely different than the other, so this might be a great way to learn off of each configuration. I'll start first Here is my current about:config that I use (Any...
  10. Kate_L

    Tutorial Remove Personal metadata from Files to Protect Your Privacy

    Remove Personal metadata from Files to Protect Your Privacy Metadata within a file can tell a lot about you. Cameras record data about when a picture was taken and what camera was used. Microsoft Office automatically adds author and company information to documents and spreadsheets. With...
  11. Kate_L

    Tutorial Microsoft spy fix on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

    The two recent Windows updates having the identification number, KB3075249 and KB3080149, grants a capability to Windows to capture and send your data to company’s servers. Here’s how Microsoft has described these two updates: KB3075249 – This update adds telemetry points to the User Account...