1. H

    PUP.Optional disables all websites except for Google.

    I got this virus it appears, that blocks me from entering any website, except for Google.com. I have run multiple antivirus programs and none of them worked. I thought for sure ADW would get rid of the issue. It identified one file called PUP.Optional.DefaultSearch.ShrtCln . ADW said it...
  2. Takemaster

    Q&A Best Anti-Malware app?

    Hello. What is best Anti-Malware app/program for you? In my PC, I'm using Malwarebytes to help my TS. I will try Emsisoft and Zemana too. What is your favourite? Have a nice day!
  3. Spawn

    System Optimizers turning to Tech Support Scams

    Read more at System optimizers turning to Tech Support Scams | Malwarebytes Malwarebytes: How are system optimizers combining the two? The easiest way to spot this connection is by looking at the use of telephone numbers in the GUI of system optimizers. Get this straight, we’re not saying that...
  4. Y

    Update AdwCleaner 6.021

    //////// v6.021 - 06/10/16 //////// [ADD] - Arabic translation [ADD] - Ukrainian translation [UPD] - Vietnamese translation [UPD] - DebugLog now a bit more verbose [UPD] - Youndoo/Trotux detection [UPD] - Database 2016-10-06.1 [BUG] - Fix Copy/Paste not working in some cases with the...
  5. Logethica

    Google: Bundled software more aggressive than malware

    Google: Unwanted bundled software is way more aggressive than malware: According to Google, it issues three times as many unwanted software warnings than malware warnings, much of which relates to adware and browser-hijacking software that's been sneakily bundled with legitimate software. Ad...
  6. Kate_L

    Qihoo 360 TS: PUA Blocking

    Hello Qihoo has a Potentially Unwanted Program Blocking option that is not checked by default.
  7. Jack

    Avira turns tables to launch lawsuit against ‘crapware’ slinger

    Avira, which re-affirmed its right to classify Freemium.com as a nuisance back in June, has launched a legal offensive against the controversial app. The security software firm's filing concerns Freemium.com's alleged practice of “confusing users into installing unwanted programs that can...
  8. Maximum

    Tutorial What are 'PUPs'? - How to avoid & remove them!

    What are 'PUPs'? - How to avoid & remove them! PUPs - Potentially Unwanted Programs: Is a 'type' of malicious software that act's like a Virus / Spyware that usually contains a Keylogger, Dialer, and similar type of software that is used to steal data & personal information about you any anyone...