1. L

    Avira Free - Action on detection for Real-Time Protection

    Hi, I was a big fan of Avira free antivirus, but since version 15.0.17 (I think) it is no possible to choose interactive action on detection for the Real -Time protection module. It always send the detected file to quarantine. Anybody knows how to restore the old behavior?
  2. K

    Solved Removal of PUP.Optional.OpenCandy when Quarantined

    PUP.Optional.OpenCandy (Removal Guide) not clear when it is already found by AntiMalware Premium version after Scan and is Quarantined. Are the other procedures mentioned in the Removal Guide still required? If so what is the point of the Quarantine process as it leads the User into thinking all...
  3. conceptualclarity

    How do you stop ESET from unilaterally deleting good programs?

    I installed ESET Smart Security 9 last night. it immediately began giving me PUA alerts about programs I want to keep. Now this morning it gives me a very fleeting notice that it has gone ahead and deleted a perfectly good program called ALL Browsers Memory Zip. This stinks! I can't imagine how...