1. g2m_lizza

    Discuss Digital Forensics Suggestion

    Hi guys, I am a security student/newbie that is looking into creation of digital forensics tools. I am required to create a tool to solve DF problems that have not been solved by commercial tools. I am pretty anxious as I am just an average student trying to research all about DF but my...
  2. oldschool

    Q&A Anyone Test WD + Hard_Configurator?

    In light of recent discussion here Q&A - Security Software obselete on Windows 10? and elsewhere, has anyone tested WD with Hard_Configurator - specifically with WD High settings and H_C set to Default-Deny/Recommended SRP? I'd be interested to know if anyone has tested this setup, or some...
  3. Piholasimam

    I keep getting blocked by the spam filter.

    Hello, for the past few days I've been blocked by the spam filter when trying to reply to a conversation. I filled out a support form but have not heard back yet. If there is anything to do help with this, I appreciate it. Thanks, Pi
  4. D

    Q&A Security software and system resources

    Hello all! I wanted to make this thread to ask, how many of you are actually concerned regarding memory (RAM) usage of security software? I know many people like security software which has good performance and is lightweight on resources in general (e.g. does not feel it is even there even...
  5. S

    Q&A Voodoo Shield + avast ?

    Hi, I discovered Voodoo Shield recently and wanted to ask you if running voodooShield (free version) and Avast ( free version) together will be efficient ? Can they work together ? I also wonder if i could add EMET to the mix, will this work well too ? Thanks
  6. Slerion

    Q&A The Best AV You've Ever Used?

    So theres a "Worst" av youve used thread . but no best so here it is ! For me i guess its Avast ( not all versions , or the Mobile Avast app , the mobile app is BAD.... ) But after using like Kaspersky , bitdefender , panda , qihoo , norton , and tons others. i allways go back to avast. Its...
  7. idunno

    Troubleshoot Windows 10: Some program or app is seeing my location?

    I just formatted my computer and I noticed sometimes there is a little sign in my taskbar saying "some program is seeing your location" Should I be worried? I haven't downloaded anything but Chrome,Steam,Some game from the windows store,And I am downloading a game on steam Right now. My computer...
  8. Windows_Security

    Cybergenic Shade Home Edition (sandbox)

    Hi, I searched for earlier threads/post on this free for home use sandbox. Anyone using it om Malware TIPS? Video of Shade vs Sandboxie and Comodo: The sandbox is fully isolated to access any files you may have downloaded see Q&A SHADE Sandbox - Security for Windows PC I run Firefox...
  9. T

    Just another newcomer here :)

    I´m really glad to be here. Dunno where should I ask this, but I have few hundred malware samples named like this: MD5.infected (0ea92447-a71c-11e6-9a56-80e65024849a.infected) And I want to rename them according to their malware code they contain. (Something like CryptoLocker.file) Is it...
  10. idunno

    My computer bleeped, am I infected?

    While I was playing a game my computer bleeped. And it bleeped again afterwards! Am I infected? and If I am How do I remove the virus? Thanks to all
  11. idunno

    Troubleshoot My computer bleeped, am I infected?

    While I was playing a game my computer bleeped. Am I infected? and If I am How do I remove the virus? Thanks to all!
  12. Handsome Recluse

    How are BBs different from HIPS?

    Are there any notable differences between the two aside from the scope of their protections?
  13. Sundaram999

    Q&A What is Your opinion about Sophos Home?

    What do You think about Sophos Home free antivirus? Do You have any experience whith this security product?
  14. AdalbertoMendes

    Toolwiz time freeze

    Hi, I installed and activated time freeze in my windows 10. The problem is that it only keeps the system frozen when I reset the windows. However, when I shut off and turn back on, the altered files remain there. Is that normal? Thank you
  15. D

    Q&A Zemana is 'updating signatures'?

    Zemana is a cloud based program, but for the last hour it has been 'updating signatures'?
  16. Slerion

    Q&A Will diskeeper Dump your SSD ?

    So. iam asking my pc runs 1 ssd ( system ) and 2 hdd i did test Diskeeper but. will this kill my SSD faster ? Increase the Speed and Performance of HDD & SSD | Condusiv Technologies didnt find a option to exclude the SSD.... and if it will dump it.do you guys thinkg raxco perfect disk is the...
  17. D

    Q&A Has anyone heard of Glasswire Firewall?

    Hello everyone I was wondering is Glasswire Firewall a good and or safe application? I came across it because 360 TS recommends it... Thank you in advance :)
  18. D

    Q&A Best free and light antivirus?

    Hello everyone, I am quite annoyed with Avast because of the issues I have been facing and WD is just not enough for me, struggling to think of good light and free AVs, can you please make a list of some good ones please? Thank you in advance :) P.S: Don't want a BETA AV or untrustworthy.
  19. D

    Q&A Which is your favourite firewall?

    Hello, is your favourite firewall which is light and free? Thank you in advance :)
  20. D

    Q&A What can I use with MS Edge to block malicious websites?

    Hello, is there any free and light programs which can block malicious websites WITH my configuration? Thank you in advance :)