1. upnorth

    Discuss The Trade Secret

    Quote : " As ransomware attacks crippled businesses and law enforcement agencies, two U.S. data recovery firms claimed to offer an ethical way out. Instead, they typically paid the ransom and charged victims extra. From 2015-2018, a strain of ransomware known as SamSam paralyzed computer...
  2. J

    Discuss How to decrypt files encrypted by Sarut ransomware

    Continue to read: How to decrypt files encrypted by Sarut ransomware – Zemana Blog
  3. Spawn

    Discuss BBC's Hated and Hunted

    Read here: Hated and hunted - BBC News Hated and hunted The perilous life of the computer virus cracker making powerful enemies online. Fabian is world renowned for destroying ransomware - the viruses sent out by criminal gangs to extort money. Because of this, he lives a reclusive existence...
  4. RoboMan

    Discuss Configure ESET as default-deny (bye ransomware!)

    Good morning mortals! I hereby share with you some amazing HIPS rules for ESET that will work as default-deny to prevent infections such as ransomware. You can check the source here. You can test under your own risk. I have enabled them all with ESET Internet Security 19 and it works...
  5. giulia

    Q&A Did somebody test McAfee Ransomware Recover (Mr2) ?

    hi does somebody test McAfee Ransomware Recover (Mr2) ? it should be able to detect the ransomware and download the right tool to decrypt the decryptos tools should all here free ransomware decryptors thanks
  6. upnorth

    Video Ryuk Ransomware Demonstration

    From all the sources I checked so far there's still no official confirmation on Ryuk in the US newspaper infection. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. J

    Malware analysis Project57 ransomware analysis

    Ok guys, despite now it seems this ransomware is detected by more AVs on VirusTotal report the sample seems difficult to detect in the test against Bitdefender (posted by @Der.Reisende) here: Video - Bitdefender Antivirus Free [v1.0.14.76] vs Project57 ransomware Project57 seems to no have...
  8. stepseven84

    Malware analysis Razy Ransomware, small insight

    This post is about Razy Ransomware posted in Hub by @erreale and here the HA reports. https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/sample/0265280c92504ef3bed3d5c300b3ee3f5534e6ccaee3023e00c26ce6433dbf3e?environmentId=100 According to this report, I found very interesting AdjustTokenPrivileges function in...
  9. Der.Reisende

    Malware Alert Possible new Criakl Ransomware variant spreading

    "It looks like we have a new Ransomware spreading as a nice Christmas Present. This is being identified as Criakl by Anyrun , but if it is criakl, then it is a new version . Criakl was around in 2014 and has been seen sporadically since then, but hasn’t been an extremely active or well spread...
  10. upnorth

    Malware Alert After SamSam, Ryuk Shows Targeted Ransomware is Still Evolving

    More information in Similar Threads.
  11. J

    Discuss How to recognize ransomware behaviour

    Hello guys, Nowadays ransomware threats are really popular and infect a lot of PCs everyday in all over the world. The most efficient way to protect us from ransomware is using for example a good AV with BB or HIPS or instead a default deny software. But there are also methods to understand if...
  12. RoboMan

    Video Windows Defender vs GandCrab Ransomware: video review

    During today's test for the Hub (which I will be posting later tonight, PS thanks @silversurfer!) I found this specific piece of malware that I loved, because of what it did. So I recorded a quick review for you to see. Who will win? The whole Microsoft Security Team or... this little boy...