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    Someone help, I was attacked yesterday 30/10/2019 by a ransomware and all my files are with .coot

    I was attacked yesterday by 10/30/2019 by ransomware and all my .coot files already used some programs to decrypt, but I was unsuccessful. I am an ordinary user. I would like your help. The programs I used were STOP/DJVU and about 3 I don't remember. The cybercrime email is...
  2. DDE_Server

    Discuss New open source tool helps prevent brute force and ransomware attacks

    Any one tried the below tool i hope one of our community test it soon :) :) 3 Comments Ransomware attacks are a major problem and they often gain access to systems via brute-force attacks against open and exposed remote access points such as Remote Desktop Protocol. Cloud-native virtual...
  3. Correlate

    Security Alert 1 in 5 Americans are hit by ransomware

  4. DDE_Server

    Q&A !!! YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED !!! - Which ransomware family is this?

    Hello everybody, My friend is infected with ransomware and this is the message that appeared for him?? Does anyone have an idea about the family of this ransomware ??
  5. Correlate

    Malware Alert Why School Systems? The Rise of Ransomware in Public Schools

    Due to their wealth of data and limited budget for cybersecurity staff and training, schools have drawn the eye of hackers. Experts recommend backing up data and investing in cybersecurity training and preparedness...
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    Solved PC infected with DJVU Stop Ransomware

    Hi guys, i am new to this forum. My PC is infected with DJVU Stop Ransomware. All of my files i.e Images, Videos etc are not encrypted and file names are now ending with .ntuseg extension. I need to know which Antivirus Solution can completely erase this ransomware from my PC. And is there any...
  7. Der.Reisende

    Video Panda Dome Advanced vs ChineseRarypt ransomware (Juan Diaz)

    No reaction by Panda Dome Adv. HUB Thread: https://malwaretips.com/threads/chineserarypt-ransomware.93846/
  8. O

    Ransomeware Help

    Does anybody can help how to fix this please??