1. DDE_Server

    Q&A !!! YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED !!! - Which ransomware family is this?

    Hello everybody, My friend is infected with ransomware and this is the message that appeared for him?? Does anyone have an idea about the family of this ransomware ??
  2. Correlate

    Malware Alert Why School Systems? The Rise of Ransomware in Public Schools

    Due to their wealth of data and limited budget for cybersecurity staff and training, schools have drawn the eye of hackers. Experts recommend backing up data and investing in cybersecurity training and preparedness...
  3. I

    Solved PC infected with DJVU Stop Ransomware

    Hi guys, i am new to this forum. My PC is infected with DJVU Stop Ransomware. All of my files i.e Images, Videos etc are not encrypted and file names are now ending with .ntuseg extension. I need to know which Antivirus Solution can completely erase this ransomware from my PC. And is there any...
  4. Der.Reisende

    Video Panda Dome Advanced vs ChineseRarypt ransomware (Juan Diaz)

    No reaction by Panda Dome Adv. HUB Thread: https://malwaretips.com/threads/chineserarypt-ransomware.93846/
  5. O

    Ransomeware Help

    Does anybody can help how to fix this please??
  6. upnorth

    Discuss The Trade Secret

    Quote : " As ransomware attacks crippled businesses and law enforcement agencies, two U.S. data recovery firms claimed to offer an ethical way out. Instead, they typically paid the ransom and charged victims extra. From 2015-2018, a strain of ransomware known as SamSam paralyzed computer...
  7. J

    Discuss How to decrypt files encrypted by Sarut ransomware

    Continue to read: How to decrypt files encrypted by Sarut ransomware – Zemana Blog
  8. Spawn

    Discuss BBC's Hated and Hunted

    Read here: Hated and hunted - BBC News Hated and hunted The perilous life of the computer virus cracker making powerful enemies online. Fabian is world renowned for destroying ransomware - the viruses sent out by criminal gangs to extort money. Because of this, he lives a reclusive existence...
  9. Robbie

    Discuss Configure ESET as default-deny (bye ransomware!)

    Good morning mortals! I hereby share with you some amazing HIPS rules for ESET that will work as default-deny to prevent infections such as ransomware. You can check the source here. You can test under your own risk. I have enabled them all with ESET Internet Security 19 and it works...
  10. giulia

    Q&A Did somebody test McAfee Ransomware Recover (Mr2) ?

    hi does somebody test McAfee Ransomware Recover (Mr2) ? it should be able to detect the ransomware and download the right tool to decrypt the decryptos tools should all here free ransomware decryptors thanks
  11. upnorth

    Video Ryuk Ransomware Demonstration

    From all the sources I checked so far there's still no official confirmation on Ryuk in the US newspaper infection. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. J

    Malware analysis Project57 ransomware analysis

    Ok guys, despite now it seems this ransomware is detected by more AVs on VirusTotal report the sample seems difficult to detect in the test against Bitdefender (posted by @Der.Reisende) here: Video - Bitdefender Antivirus Free [v1.0.14.76] vs Project57 ransomware Project57 seems to no have...