1. ZAM3_PO

    Update Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 Premium Beta is here!

    Hello all, Today is a big day for us in Zemana as we are finally ready to share the first beta version of Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 Premium. We worked really hard to bring to you this new version which mainly highlights A.I. based realtime protection which we call Smart Realtime Protection. Due to...
  2. DDE_Server

    SECURE: Complete DDE_Server Configuration 2019

    Hello Gents, here is my latest Laptop configuration.what do you think??
  3. Stefanmz7

    RISK: Moderate Stefanmz7's Security Config 2018

    Hi! So I was wondering is there any anti-malware program that is a good alternative to Malwarebytes antimalware and is free because my Malwarebytes trial ends and I want to have good real time protection againt malware but it has to be free. Or should I just sacn my PC regularly with the free...
  4. Sunshine-boy

    Compare Protection Which is the best Antivirus for Real-Time protection (Heuristic / Behaviour)?

    Hello everyone please suggest an antivirus which provides the best real-time protection If you vote please also add a reaction under here as of why
  5. Rengar

    How can i test ZAM real time protection?

    I have ZAM with real time protection ON but how can i test it if this actually blocks a malware?
  6. L

    Avira Free - Action on detection for Real-Time Protection

    Hi, I was a big fan of Avira free antivirus, but since version 15.0.17 (I think) it is no possible to choose interactive action on detection for the Real -Time protection module. It always send the detected file to quarantine. Anybody knows how to restore the old behavior?