1. DDE_Server

    SECURE: Complete DDE_Server Configuration 2019

    Hello Gents, here is my latest Laptop configuration.what do you think??
  2. Stefanmz7

    RISK: Moderate Stefanmz7's Security Config 2018

    Hi! So I was wondering is there any anti-malware program that is a good alternative to Malwarebytes antimalware and is free because my Malwarebytes trial ends and I want to have good real time protection againt malware but it has to be free. Or should I just sacn my PC regularly with the free...
  3. Sunshine-boy

    Compare Protection Which is the best Antivirus for Real-Time protection (Heuristic / Behaviour)?

    Hello everyone please suggest an antivirus which provides the best real-time protection If you vote please also add a reaction under here as of why
  4. Rengar

    How can i test ZAM real time protection?

    I have ZAM with real time protection ON but how can i test it if this actually blocks a malware?
  5. L

    Avira Free - Action on detection for Real-Time Protection

    Hi, I was a big fan of Avira free antivirus, but since version 15.0.17 (I think) it is no possible to choose interactive action on detection for the Real -Time protection module. It always send the detected file to quarantine. Anybody knows how to restore the old behavior?