1. S

    "naganoadigei. com" Adware keeps redirecting to websites despite scanning with Bitdefender,Malwarebytes, HitmanPro

    I keep getting redirected to different websites. The link first reads as "Naganoadigei. com" and then redirects to websites with tons of ads in it. I have tried scanning with almost everything out there, including the pro version of Bitdefender but could not find anything. Also, the windows...
  2. tdh0085

    Chrome Browser Keeps Redirecting Me To A Scam Site

    I just started getting this problem. Its 4:30PM now and i didnt have this problem before i went to bed last night at midnight. Ok here it is... About every 5 minutes or so (while using Chrome), my browser will redirect me to a scam website. Well, it either redirects after a certain period...
  3. M

    Solved [HELP] Google Chrome Redirect

    This malware occur I think last week when I copy a file from my friend, I'm not entirely sure if the malware/virus comes from that file. So I searched all different kinds of steps to remove redirect malware. I tried TDSSkiller, Rkill, MalwareBytes, HitmanPro, Zemana AND I even reformat my OS...
  4. B

    Solved Adware popups still occurring after running through malware removal steps

    Hi I went through the malware cleaning steps just a bit ago to remove a redirecting page that kept coming up while browsing on chrome. It's been mainly causing problems with a single website right now that did not have any prior issues, but it could potentially be popping up with multiple...
  5. M

    Google "fcfenmboojpjinhpgggodefccipikbpd" A Hijacking software ?

    Im despreatly trying to get rid of my redirect Malware , I found a suspicious file called "fcfenmboojpjinhpgggodefccipikbpd" in my extentions folder , should I get rid of it and how should I ?
  6. N

    Solved Removal of adware? Tried everything!

    Tried to find an old game I used to like and found what I thought were the files online, I tried a few different files and downloaded them (stupid mistake, I know), then quickly realised they were infected. As mentioned my laptop performance became quite bad, and my browser (Chrome) was the...
  7. W

    Browser hijack adware (safesurfs.net) have used multiple tools but some still remain

    Hi after downloading a free program I found that I had browser hijack adware. Using chrome I have started getting page redirects (some of whom malwarebytes blocks) and popups in the right hand side of web pages intermittently. I also had a second search toolbar that would appear as I was typing...
  8. G

    Solved Smartnewtab and onclickad redirections

    Hello, I really want to get rid of this virus, so I greatly appreciate your help. I have just added all logfiles of antiviruses I could find, I hope they help. Thank you in advance for looking at it
  9. K

    Solved Malware, Adware, Spyware, pop-up ads and redirects

    My father downloaded a fake Flash from a site claiming he needed to update Flash on 3/16/2016 on Microsoft Edge. Since then Microsoft Edge is overrun by pop-up ads (many using something called DNSUnlocker). I used this link: Remove pop-up ads from Microsoft Edge browser (Guide) and followed...
  10. J

    Solved Browser Redirect Issue

    No matter what I do- trust me I have done ALOT- I cannot rid neither Chrome nor Firefox of these onboxious browser redirect viruses. I have read probably about 50 different tutorials on how to remove them, but to no avail. I removed all extensions and there is essentially no sign of either of...
  11. I

    Redirect & pop-up issue on Android Samsung Galaxy S4

    Any help will be appreciated - Hoping to avoid having to buy a new phone.