1. ichito

    Shadow Defender - An Unobjective Review :)

    This review is based on my review originaly published on Polish forum SG.pl ca 5 years ago. I decided post it here because SD after such period is still efficient and strong at the same level as in the past. Of cource SD was updated few time since those times but there was rather minor changes...
  2. Andrew3000

    Norton Symantec Endpoint Security Protection review for home use! - Andrew3000 personal feedback - standard unmanaged client

    Disclaimer: The review is based on the tests I conducted, the mindset used to conduct the tests is for home protection and not for a company. I hope I’ve been helpful, I'm open to suggestions.
  3. ichito

    SpyShelter - an overview of my settings, some tips and useful info

    Due to some changes in "overview" section I want to repeat my previous thread about my conception of SS setting what was originaly posted in Polsh forum. Presented English version is made by Google Translator so I know that's can be sometime not clear...sorry :) Basic version of review is also...
  4. Aerdian

    Video Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2018: Review

    Been very busy lately and didn't get around to sharing this review on here. It's the last of the "original" style reviews that I made before getting all of your great suggestions! If you have any suggestions on what I should do next, just let me know.
  5. Aerdian

    Video Panda Free Antivirus 2018: Review

    Please note that this video was created before receiving feedback on my most recent video (Windows Defender Review), so please don't be upset if I didn't use your suggestions yet :) Additionally, Panda Free did not block any web threats. I'm guessing something went wrong there, so just to let...
  6. LahiruTarz

    Q&A Total AV - Is it a Scam?

    I'm pretty sure this is some marketing scam but have you guys actually tried it? https://www.antivirustop10.com/ https://www.totalav.com/ Mod Edit: De-Linked Potentially Unsafe URLs.
  7. J

    Video SecureMyBit vs KeyLoggers (Test)

    Let's see if SecureMyBit virtual keyboard works against keyloggers! Thanks for watching! ;) NOTE: In the log of the second test there is "WINDOW Password" and "WINDOW Confirm Password", it is referred to the names of the password windows.
  8. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A How do I test Android AV's?

    Where do I get android samples? How do I set up an Android vm? Thanks in advance.
  9. LukeLovesSecurity

    Video New King Antivirus? Reason Core Review

    Is this the new king of the cyber security industry? Check it out for yourself.
  10. J

    Video Avira Antivirus Free 2017 - Video Review (Test)

    Product tested: Avira Antivirus Free 2017 Thanks for watching! ;)
  11. mekelek

    Video Panda Internet Security review with 17/7/17 #10 Samples

    This is an experiment from me if this helps other users to decide about the software. If my voice annoys you or my swearing or my pronunciation, feel free to mute it :D I am by no means an expert, not a novice either, so take this test with a grain of salt I guess, in terms of me claiming a...
  12. W

    AVLab Protection Test Against Drive-by Download Attacks (April 2017)

    Very interesting test that includes home products as well as endpoints. As usual, results should be taken with a grain of salt. Bitdefender, Eset, Kaspersky and Norton did very well in home product and got a Best+++ score. It is also interesting (but not surprising) to note that there were no...
  13. Thirio

    Video 360 Total Security vs 1596 samples

    don't speak Russian but looks like Avira and Bitdefender engines enabled with PUP detection on and max security config. 43 mins long. enjoy.
  14. Thirio

    Video ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Review

    ZoneAlarm's "Threat Emulation" looks like an interesting zero-day feature. But I don't think it was tested in this review.
  15. D

    Appguard Review

    read more via the link above.
  16. M

    Video Trend Micro Internet Security Review

    Hi all, Trend Micro, the AV that no one seems to use - nobody has ever told me that they use Trend... Thanks for watching & more videos coming out this weekend!
  17. M

    Video Vipre Internet Security Review

    Hi all, Vipre: An AV named after venomous snakes found in most parts of the world. Thanks for watching, more videos are coming soon!
  18. M

    Video Dr Web Security Space Review

    Hi all, This is a Review of Dr. Web Security Space. Should I trust my Doctor? Well lets see if you can trust Dr. Web... Thanks for watching, hopefully you've enjoyed & more videos coming soon!
  19. M

    Video F-Secure Safe Anti-Virus Review

    Hi all, This is my review of F-Secure Safe Anti-Virus. F-Secure, but is your system really secure? Lets find out! * I noticed a slight audio issue after editing the video (this was not there before editing) - I aim to fix this soon, but the problem is not with my mic it's with Camtasia Studio...