1. conceptualclarity

    Help Me Decide Best program for traced/monitored installation of other programs?

    I don't want to bother with tracing every new installation, but I want to do it with media programs that tend to appropriate to themselves a lot of extension defaults and with programs that make huge numbers of additions to the registry and file system, such as a new AV I'm about to install. I...
  2. Syafiq

    On Sale! Revo Uninstaller Pro New Year Discount(50 %)

    Another Discount from Revo Uninstalller, Enjoy :)
  3. T

    On Sale! Revo Uninstaller 50% Off On All Licenses

    Another pretty sweet deal from Revo Uninstaller. All their licenses (1, 3, 5 computers and portable) are on sale with a 50% discount. All is explained on their purchase page. Not as good as the Black Friday's 70% off, but still an good discount for an excellent product. Cheers !
  4. conceptualclarity

    Does Revo Uninstaller intend to continue omitting 64 bit support from its free program indefinitely?

    Thinking about buying the pro version on sale, but it's not even a real lifetime license as far as I'm concerned.