1. Daljeet

    On Sale! Horizon DataSys End-of-Year Sale 2017

    Christmas / End-of-Year Sale 2017 The promotion will run from December 21, 2017 to January 2, 2018 Simply choose the product and click “Add” to go to the Checkout Page to make your purchase. RollBack Rx Pro Single License End-of-Year Sale 2017 (regular price US$69) Roll Back hours, days even...
  2. CMLew

    On Sale! 55% OFF RollBack RX Pro

    About 6 hours left... Hope its enough time to get this good software :)
  3. shukla44

    Q&A Rollback Rx: Use it or Not

    Hello, I just won the Rollback Rx giveaway & before installing it i wanted to ask here about the limitations and compatibility issues with my system. In the user guide, there are some limitations mentioned - 1. Hard Disk support - No Problem (I have two internal HDD but i want Rx to protect...
  4. D

    Rollback RX users guidelines

    hi, Since many members here seems to use Rollback RX, some guidelines/instructions need to be told; indeed RX is a double edge software , it can saves you from everything even malwares or totally destroy your system if you are ignorant of its functionment. First thing first, below will be how...
  5. RmG152

    HitmanPro and Rollback RX Incompatibility

    Few days ago HitmanPro (not ALERT), found a Bootkit on my computer, after few test, I found the issue, Hitman detect Rollback RX Home as bootkit.
  6. Petrovic

    RollBack Rx 10.4 Build 2700722190

    RollBack Rx 10.4 Build 2700722190 Supporting Windows 10. Added an option on the new snapshot screen to create new snapshot using Windows Volume Shadow service. Added UseVss=1/0 switch in the setup.ini to set the VSS option. Moved entire license activation process from the Windows service to the...