1. frogboy

    Security Alert Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers full of flaws, but temporary fix is available

    Over 20 models of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers have been found to have vulnerabilities that, if exploited, could allow attackers to overload a router and force a reboot, deny user access, leak sensitive information about the router and connected devices, change restricted settings, and inject and...
  2. D

    Tutorial Secure your home Wi-Fi network (simple Must Do)

    Hi, Some people are asking me, how do i protect my wi-fi from intruders? not really complicated. 1- Password: Choose a good long complicated password with special sign if possible like : @umbr4.i5.da.b3st@ 2- Allow only your devices In modern router you can filter the MAC adresses...
  3. N

    Q&A ASUS AiProtection? Any Feedback?

    Has anyone tried ASUS AiProtection? I recently bought an ASUS router and am looking at it. It seems to work on Trend Micro technology. How does AiProtection protect my home network? Thanks, nlitend1
  4. T

    Tutorial Secure your router: How to help prevent the next internet takedown

    Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of webcams? After the Dyn DDoS last month, this is a question on the minds of a lot of security people. Someone recently asked me if we shouldn’t adopt a new name for the Internet of Things (IoT) because the existing term is too vague. I responded that...
  5. Logethica

    Kaspersky launches their own Operating System

    Kaspersky launches its own OS on Russian routers: SOURCE: theregister.co.uk (ARTICLE DATE: 23rd Aug 2016) Kaspersky Labs has finished building its eponymously-named operating system after four years of quiet development... [IMAGE: commons.wikimedia.org] Little information about the OS has...
  6. Logethica

    Wi-Fi: Theft, Spying, & Security.

    THINK A NEIGHBOR IS STEALING YOUR WI-FI? FIND OUT FOR SURE.. Is your internet a little slow? Do videos on YouTube take too long to buffer? Do movies on Netflix show up in a lower resolution than expected? We’ve got some bad news for you — one of your neighbors might be stealing your Wi-Fi...
  7. L

    Understanding Router - Short Guide

    Hello everyone. I decided to write this guide because that's the topic that I'm studying in these months and I hope that it is useful to understand this device that allows us to access the internet world. This guide refers only to the home using routers. Many things were omitted, many topics...