1. L

    Need a Router with Network/AP Isolation. Max WiFi Client Connection a bonus

    Need a Router with Network Isolation or otherwise called AP Isolation. DD-WRT has this feature, but mine has been hacked. So need a replacement. DD-WRT also has a restriction for max number of connected WiFi clients. This is a bonus feature, but AP Isolation is a must have.
  2. Threadripper

    Discuss Bitdefender Box 2

    So the Bitdefender Box is now in its second version but aside from sponsored YouTube videos and vague review sites you can't really find an unbiased opinion on it. It's $179 for the first year then $99 per year afterwards which includes Bitdefender Total Security for unlimited devices (which I...
  3. Siavash

    Q&A "KRACK" and Router Software

    After "Krack" Breakthrough, I'm Focused on Software Patch Like any other people. On Router Firmware Side I see Still many Manufacturer Keep routers Unpatched ( Firmware Update ). Even I Check Some High-End Models from Asus, Netgear, Tp-Link etc and Doesn't See Much Support for this issue. I hear...
  4. grumpy_joe

    Netgear left VPN router buiness

    Netgear has officialy left the VPN router business what are your thoughts? I am kind of surprised as I though about buying one not long ago. Official statement: VPN Firewalls Series | Security | Business | NETGEAR Archive: Wayback Machine
  5. idunno

    Q&A How likely is it for a virus to spread via the network?

    I know I posted an article asking if this is possible, but now I want to know how likely is it. I read somewhere it is exetremly unlikely but that post was from 2013 and things could have changed. So, how likely is it? -Thanks!
  6. rockstarrocks

    Hacking Alert Malware affects 60,000 BSNL broadband modems in Karnataka

    FYI, BSNL is a state owned telcom operator in India. Read more here.
  7. M

    Router Infection?

    Internet connectivity on all devices and computers (wins/mac) are often slow or cannot establish a connection. Oddly enough the connection right now is excellent. This makes me think if the hackers have been watching my searches during the past 40 minutes. It normalized moments after i started...
  8. giulia

    Which router could i buy for my home ?

    hi i have always been a netgear fan , but some nice models have a fancy firmware could please share and give some advises about a good router for home use? which are you favorite brands and model for home use? i will connect my desktop via lan cable ,my laptop & smartphone via wireless thanks
  9. TheMalwareMaster

    Troubleshoot Troubles with Archer d-20 router

    Hello, I still have problems concerning my TP-LINK archer d-20 router. Since I bought the first one on Mars, it was losing internet configuration after a period of time, and I had to set it again in, as if it was newly bought and not configured. I changed this one with an identical...
  10. Captain Awesome

    Security Alert Cybercriminals target Brazilian routers with default credentials

    Households and small businesses that use consumer-grade internet routers may fall victim to attacks that are presently targeting mainly Brazilian users, but may be easily localized to any other country. These attacks have been around since 2012, but the risks they carry are rising sharply as...
  11. TheBlue262

    Router Questions

    Would it make any difference for my download speed if I were to get a router rated at 340mbps or a router rated at 960mbps? My current plan is Time Warner Cable 300mbps internet plan. I am wondering if the router I choose will effect my download speed because both routers exceed the speed I have...
  12. Mr.NoName

    How to use Linux As Router

    Hay i have been wondering about how can i setup Linux as Router using Ubuntu and what traffic it can handle ? and what should i need to do this like hardware ..... i have read about it but can't get the final result ..
  13. L

    Understanding Router - Short Guide

    Hello everyone. I decided to write this guide because that's the topic that I'm studying in these months and I hope that it is useful to understand this device that allows us to access the internet world. This guide refers only to the home using routers. Many things were omitted, many topics...
  14. B

    Hello, great website... here's some info about BOTs behind LANs

    Hi, I found this website while looking for information about malware, due to being blacklisted by the CBL (abuseat.org), who keeps track of IP addresses used by malicious-spamming bots. I was first told that I might have an infected machine behind my router, but after analysis with every tool...