1. B

    Does samsung galaxy s10+ have any known struggles?

    Hi, I'm writing this post, because i'm quite confused. For first, I'd like to notice that I live in Poland. So, I've decided, it's a time to change my phone, I'm thinking right now about galaxy s10+, but I saw something strange, the prices for same model, can be different in some stores for...
  2. upnorth

    Web Let The 5G Battle Commence

  3. Predrag Radjenovic

    Android Predrag's Samsung Galaxy S8

    This is a config I was rocking with my older phones as well. Sophos Mobile Security is a beast, a bit heavy on the battery though, but even now I manage 1 whole day without issues. AdGuard and Nord VPN. Bitwarden. Knox encrypted. Not rooted - I was rooting every phone before - I had absolutely...
  4. S

    Web Samsung fined $5.7M for Slowing Down Devices

    Samsung has yet to issue a statement on the fine. The Italian Authority for Market and Competition just issued a $5.7 million fine to Samsung. The fine is tied to the “Samsung slow down” — the drop in performance smartphones sometimes show after receiving new updates. Apple’s “Batterygate” was...
  5. S

    Web Samsung sues it's own Russian ambassador

    It’s not unusual for celebrities paid to promote Android brands to be caught using an iPhone.
  6. Reajoan Mashfik

    System Specs Reajoan Mashfik's Desktop configuration

    Changed Everything one by one took a long time :cry:
  7. ttto

    Android ttto's simple Samsung Galaxy S8 config

    Hi! Wanna know your opinions about my phone's config!:giggle:;)
  8. pablozi

    Android pablozi Samsung Galaxy S8

    I've recently switched from iPhone 6S to Galaxy S8 so this is my simple config. Please do not suggest using any AV as this is a waste of resources in my opinion.
  9. Takemaster

    Android Takemaster's Galaxy S7 Security Setup

    Hello! Addition to these, I'm using Mobile Wifi Hotspot sometimes. I recommend you this setup.
  10. FreddyFreeloader

    Is YOUR phone spying on you? Shocking report reveals how Samsung devices can monitor what you view

    The creepy technology used by the Samsung devices is called beaconing The phone picks up inaudible 'beacons' emitted from websites and links This allows Samsung to monitor everything you're reading and watching Open Rights group is calling for Samsung to switch the technology off A shocking...
  11. FreddyFreeloader

    Samsung User Agreement/Terms of Service

    Samsung User Agreement/TOS How many of us Samsung owners have actually read this? CONSENT TO USE OF DATA. Privacy Policy. Collection of data using software or applications on your device will be performed in accordance with the provisions of this section and as set forth in Samsung’s Privacy...
  12. Malware Man

    Buying Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8+ or wait for iPhone 8 Plus?

    Hi guys, I currently have a iPhone 6S plus. It is my very first iPhone. All my other devices have been Androids and all have been Galaxy phones funny enough except a Nexus 5. All my friends use iMessage cause they got an iPhone. My mother is the only one who I actually text since she has a...
  13. S

    Discuss McAfee+Samsung 2019

    McAfee today announced further collaboration with Samsung to provide pre-installed security software protection on Samsung Smart TVs, Samsung PCs, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone line worldwide. Availability of McAfee LiveSafe on Samsung PCs Starting in 2017, Samsung PC users can enjoy...
  14. N

    Q&A New phones, same battery capacity? S8, LG G6 and others

    Hey there! I'd like to start a discussion about a pretty controversial topic in the smartphone industry. Battery capacity. Over the years we've assisted a pretty exciting increase on processing power, graphics capabilities, storage, screen resolution (and oh boy, the size too!). However, one...
  15. S

    Top 5 Older Android Phones still Worth Buying

    Today’s Android flagships are sophisticated bits of technology, but some haven’t necessarily made huge leaps over previous handset generations in terms of tech or design. Some of the best features from flagships gone by have even been forgotten or left behind, meaning that there’s a growing...
  16. Atatrah

    What is your Favorite Mobile Brand in 2017?

    In 2015 , I asked this Question : What is your favorite mobile brand ? Today, I want to know what is your answer in 2017? Why ?