1. oldschool

    Q&A Questions: Windows Defender Sandbox and Tamper Protection - Have they now been combined? Will MS include default WD sandboxing?

    A question was raised on Wilders about Windows Defender Sandbox recently and it got me thinking: Has WD sandbox been incorporated into Tamper Protection? M$ as usual provides little documentation and the two official sources I know of are these: Tamper Protection and Windows Defender Sandbox...
  2. CyberTech

    Microsoft Edge Windows 10 Application Guard Added to the New Microsoft Edge

    Microsoft's Windows Defender Application Guard has been added to the upcoming Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. This security feature allows you to securely browse the web without fear of becoming infected by malicious sites. Windows Defender Application Guard is a Windows 10 feature that enables...
  3. J

    Q&A Why sandbox is important

    Sometimes I see configurations that lack of sandbox layer. Sandbox concept is very important against malware, especially when browsing the web, Sandboxie (avalaible also for free) is my favourite sandbox software, basically with our browser sandboxed even if we accidentally visit a malicious URL...
  4. conceptualclarity

    Update SecuPerts Cyber Shield, a new paid security program

    SecuPerts Cyber Shield Pro-Active Protection against sophisticated Viruses, Malware, Trojans! Whether surfing on insecure pages, streaming videos, online banking or opening unsafe email attachments. With Cyber Shield you are absolutely safe with everything you do on the internet. Absolutely...
  5. Andrew3000

    Microsoft Microsoft will provide a Sandbox mode to Windows

    Windows Sandbox is a new lightweight desktop environment tailored for safely running applications in isolation. How many times have you downloaded an executable file, but were afraid to run it? Have you ever been in a situation which required a clean installation of Windows, but didn’t want to...
  6. Robbie

    Video (Sandboxed) Windows Defender vs Zero Day Malware

    I was advised that the new sandbox in Windows Defender would provide an awsome higher protection (LOL), so thanks to @silversurfer providing me some really good malware sources links, I could access to various zero day samples and decided to test Defender against one. Just wanted to show how...
  7. Windows_Security

    Extension Secure Sandboxed Chromium Browser

    MemProtected Chromium Getting the software you need first CHROMIUM 1. Surf to Woolyss: Download latest stable Chromium binaries (64-bit and 32-bit) 2. Download 32 bits or 64 bits (scroll down) ARCHIVE of latest stable Chromium (I prefer the chromium-nosync.zip) 3. Extract the zip file, click...
  8. Sunshine-boy

    Update Nohack by Apozy

    Hello, I was searching for A free web isolation product till I found this extension: Nohack by Apozy What is Nohack: Its A simple, lightweight and unobtrusive way to make all websites safer. Apozy sandboxes malicious sites to stop phishing attacks, ransomware, and data leaks. Apozy does not...
  9. Av Gurus

    Video Comodo Sandbox (Auto-Containment) have a bug on Windows 10?

    Comodo Sandbox (Auto-Containment) is set to Restricted Mode but when you run some files with Admin privileges it run that file as Partially Limited. This happens in Windows 10 and with UAC turned ON. If UAC is turned OFF in GPE then this is not happens. Here is a short video demonstration...
  10. Thales

    SECURE: Complete Thales Minimalist Security Config

    So I tried to make a minimalist but secure config here
  11. steel9

    Q&A Is it worth it to sandbox Firefox with ReHIPS?

    Is it worth it to sandbox Firefox with ReHIPS (or another sandbox), or does Firefox have good enough security? Would sandboxing Firefox with 3rd party software actually provide any benefit regarding security?
  12. S

    Is fakenet really worth it?

    Hello everyone, I have been analyzing malware for quite sometime now, but have always used Wireshark to observe the C2 domains between two VM hosts. However, a while back a co-worker of mine mentioned Fakenet-ng. Has anyone played with this tool? Is it worth it? Thank you for your time. :)
  13. Slerion

    Q&A Seventh Knight PC Security + Gaming Accelerator 2

    Seventh Knight PC Security + Gaming Accelerator 2 on Steam can someone Review that ? as note you can use that up to 2 hours on steam and Refund it without hazzle but iam not professional enough to review it i would like to know how "good" this works. 10 days free trial can be found here...
  14. D

    Microsoft strengthening microsoft Edge sandbox

    Strengthening the Microsoft Edge Sandbox - Microsoft Edge Dev Blog Worth the read.
  15. D

    What is Microsoft Edge Sandboxing?

    Must be read article to grasp what is Appcontainer in Edge.
  16. Windows_Security

    Cybergenic Shade Home Edition (sandbox)

    Hi, I searched for earlier threads/post on this free for home use sandbox. Anyone using it om Malware TIPS? Video of Shade vs Sandboxie and Comodo: The sandbox is fully isolated to access any files you may have downloaded see Q&A SHADE Sandbox - Security for Windows PC I run Firefox...
  17. D

    Sandbox Evasion Techniques

    Interesting articles about sandbox evasions: Sandbox Evasion Techniques - Part 1 Sandbox Evasion Techniques - Part 2 Sandbox Evasion Techniques – Part 3 Sandbox Evasion Techniques - Part 4 (Environment-Sensitive Malware)
  18. Av Gurus

    First Version of Sandboxed Tor Browser Available

    Developers at the Tor Project have started working on a sandboxed version of the Tor Browser, currently available as an early alpha version for Linux systems. Sandboxing is a security mechanism employed to separate running processes. In computer security, sandboxing an application means...