1. J

    Discuss Most important layers in security setup

    So, what are the most important layers to cover when we deal with our security config? Browser: the browser is very very important because it is the most direct software wich interacts with the web. In the web we can find malicious URLs, phishing URLs, malicious scripts, etc. Real-Time/File...
  2. jn221

    SECURE: Complete jn221's Security Setup 2018

    I decided to update my Security Configuration for 2018 many changes and improvements
  3. Aerdian

    SECURE: Complete Aerdian's Security Config 2018

    My current system security configuration. Please comment what you think and what you think I should change/add/remove, etc.
  4. LukeLovesSecurity

    LukeLovesSecurity's Security Config

    I am only using my computer within a virtual machine on Linux so I can get the hang of it and eventually switch.
  5. N

    FortiClient vs W10 Defender

    Hello! Is FortiClient only an AV, or also an anti-malware suite? Which is better: Windows 10's Defender, or FortiClient? I've heard FortiClient's memory usage is quite high, is that correct? If none of these are recommended, can someone please recommend me a free of charge security...
  6. Predrag Radjenovic

    Predrag's Config of 2017

    Well, it finally happened. Got fed up with M$/Windows policy.. no, upda... no, sys... no, everything and went Linux as my main system, with existing Windows 10 in dual boot. Not wanting to type again here, I'll just paste a part of my post form Level1techs (Also a great community, btw): Well, I...
  7. pablozi

    pablozi 2017 security setup

    Office suite: Microsoft Office 365 Personal PDF reader: Google Chrome Compression tools: WinRAR (licensed) File manager: WinNc IM: Skype Cloud services: OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive VPN: MyDevil.net
  8. A

    Azure Phoenix's Security Configuration (2017)

    Well, after so long... Here is this year's config.
  9. Nheo_Linkin

    Nheo_Linkin's Security Config 2017

    This is my 2017's config. Not a highly security protection but it's good for performance (just a bit slow down on boot caused by Comodo) - Reason for disabling UAC and Smartscreen Filter is for performance and privacy. - Comodo Firewall is setup with Firewall and File Rating only. - Any file...
  10. Muppet

    Muppet Security Config

    I should have done this long ago. It was actually kind of fun!
  11. rosss

    rosss security config

    my config and my 1st post:)
  12. alpx

    alpx Security

    My PC Config Any suggestions are welcome. Ahnlab v3 internet security 8.0
  13. pablozi

    pablozi's iPhone 6S security config

    My current iPhone 6S config. Comments and suggestions are welcome.
  14. Logethica

    Logethica's Free Security Configuration

    Logethica's Free Security Configuration; SECURITY SOFTWARE SETTINGS- ★ ZoneAlarm Free Firewall ▼ ◾ List Of Microsoft Services (& Other) "Killed" through ZoneAlarm Application Control UPDATED ON 30/10/2016 ▼ ★ VoodooShield Pro BETA ▼ ★ SpyShelter Premium ▼ ★ Avast! Free Antivirus ▼ ★ Crystal...
  15. TheBlue262

    TheBlue262's System Config

    Here is my system config. Any tips would be appreciated. :)
  16. Shran

    Shran - Linux Config

    This is my Linux Mint config. Not very sophisticated, pretty sparse, but effective and fun to use ^_^
  17. neon

    Neon Security config

    To virtualization - shadows defender
  18. A

    amirzubair's Security Configuration

    Hi there guys this is my security config :)
  19. safe1st

    Safe1st's Simple Config

    Virtualization 1. VMware as testing security softwares, etc 2. Shadow Defender just in case. To be honest, my password manager is written on paper. Is more secure at least in my place right now. I'm testing a lot security softwares on VM for months now. No problem 'so far' ;) Ok thats it...
  20. S

    Soorya Security Config.

    My Security config. Thanks