1. terene

    SECURE: Complete Terene Security Config 2020

    My security config is almost the same like last year.
  2. crezz

    SECURE: Basic Windows Security

    Any comments welcome- (Perhaps some repetition on Ad blocking, what do you think ?) Some websites do struggle to work properly. Any other remarks about privacy, security and malware protection welcome- I am always seeking ideas for improvements. Cheers.
  3. DDE_Server

    SECURE: Complete DDE_Server security configuration 2020

    This is my 2020 security configuration what is your opinion ?? your feedback are welcomed ;) :)
  4. dJim

    SECURE: Complete dJim Security Config 2020

    New year config untill get new job so i can buy new, feel free to claim how awesome still this config
  5. anniyan

    SECURE: Complete Anniyan's Security Config 2019

    here is my current security configuration. i understand that this is not as good as others, so your suggestions are most welcome. :)
  6. Der.Reisende

    SECURE: Complete Der.Reisende Security Config (Q4/2019)

    As the PC is also used for online banking, a security check (TCPView, SystemExplorer, AutoRuns) before logging in into sensitive pages is done. For extra security, 2FA is used whereever available, LastPass logins are limited. Malware Testing is performed within ShadowDefender environment...
  7. S

    SECURE: Complete Stepseven84 Configuration 2019

    Hello guys new year, new PC and new config!
  8. jn221

    SECURE: Complete jn221's Security Setup 2018

    I decided to update my Security Configuration for 2018 many changes and improvements
  9. Der.Reisende

    SECURE: Basic Der.Reisende Security Config (Q4/2018)

    Thank you for taking your time to read and comment my config :)
  10. MrLeonine

    MrLeonine's Security Configuration

    Guys, Here is my security configuration. It's not secure enough but I would like to make it more secure and fast. Please leave your opinions and suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  11. Nikos751

    Nikos751 Laptop Security Configuration

    Extra information & comments: Separate Standard Account for everyday usage, Admin account for system changes. Modern apps are used as much as possible so to have extra protection from AppContainer technology (Web browser, media apps, torrent download app and others). I use OneDrive to sync...
  12. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A HMPA + Comodo?

    I've been thinking of using Comodo in combination with HMPA and Zemana as a on-demand scanner. What do you think of that set up?
  13. LukeLovesSecurity

    LukeLovesSecurity's Security Config

    I am only using my computer within a virtual machine on Linux so I can get the hang of it and eventually switch.
  14. S

    soccer97's Security Configuration

    Known weaknesses: Need a good, robust paid Internet Security Suite (ESET, KIS/KTS, etc). I am trying to use as much 64-bit software as possible. I also, I need to upgrade to the copy I have of Windows 10 EDU 64-bit so I can use Group Policy, BitLocker and harden the system + (Windows To-Go)...
  15. Daniel G

    Daniel's Security configuration

    As they say, life is good! Be good if you can! :)
  16. Wozz

    Wozz's Windows 10 Security Config

    My computer has been running smoothly, however I would like to find something better to replace Windows Defender with however I am not sure what is the right choice for me would be. I would like something lightweight, easy to use but also configurable. I do run Rkill and MalwareBytes on an as...
  17. aragornnnn

    Aragornnnn's Configuration

    Firewall: Windows firewall controlled by Glasswire Cloud: STACK and Google Drive. Nothing goes there unencrypted and also locked down with YubiKey 2-factor authentication. Office suite: Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Password managers: LastPass and KeePass 2. Tweaked LastPass for maximum...
  18. Der.Reisende

    Der.Reisende Sec 2018

    Backup browsers: stock, preinstalled M$ IE / Edge set to clear browser data on exit Clearing TEMP folder manually Thread might be updated in case i switch to another AV vendor for testing purposes My main machine has the same config, however uses M$ Windows 10 x64 Pro, with M$ Account Suggestions...
  19. Parsh

    Android Parsh's MI Config 2017

    Have kept things simple here :-D I have no plans to root my device soon, though I am a super fan of the same. In my previous Galaxy Note 2 and 3 Neo, I used to jointly flash and script mods. MIUI has kept me in place. One tip for superusers: try 'Atitheft Droid SMS' or 'Antitheft Droid Web'...
  20. Muppet

    Muppet Security Config

    I should have done this long ago. It was actually kind of fun!