SECURE: Complete Fallen's Laptop Security Config 2019

    Hello Everyone! This is my security configuration for gaming laptop. ESET Multi-Device Security license, also includes ESET's Windows (AV/IS), Mac, Android and Linux software products. I preferred only 1 device because, I don't need more ESET's products. Actually, my main product is KSC...

    SECURE: Complete Fallen's Security Config 2019

    Happy New Year Everybody! This is my 2019 configuration.

    SECURE: Complete Fallen's Laptop Config

    Hello Everyone! This is my latest security config for the Laptop. Pretty much all this. Anti-Malware, Firewall & Network Monitor and VPN. ExpressVPN extension including; Spoof your location (HTML5), Block WebRTC and HTTPS Everywhere. My main Desktop security config is here: SECURE...
  4. pablozi

    SECURE: Basic 2018 pablozi light security setup

    Office suite: Microsoft Office Professional 2016 PDF reader: Edge Compression tools: WinRAR (licensed) File manager: Windows Explorer IM: Skype Cloud services: OneDrive, Google Drive, STACK VPN: PureVPN
  5. Takemaster

    Q&A Want to build or revise my security setup.

    Hello! I'm very paranoid about security, so I want to revise or build a security setup. Now, my security setup is this: Takemaster's Security Setup . What can I add to it? Its cost can free or less than 60-70$. My system especially RAM is much than my usage (16GB RAM). I will use Zemana Anti...
  6. shukla44

    Shukla's Android Mobile Setup

    This is my old & trusted android setup. What do you think?
  7. SpartacusSystem

    Spartacus' tablet setup

    The home tablet setup. 29/08/2016: The screen has been smashed. Yet to be repaired.