1. Syafiq

    Android Syafiq's Redmi 3

    Yeah, my old phone... Redmi 3 still works well despite its age. No security update from xiaomi anymore (it's on Android 5.1), so i chose to install pixel experience rom for a more secure Android version, any suggestions would be valuable to me ;)
  2. H

    Security Alert Trump administration considering banning end-to-end encryption

    The Trump administration is considering the possibility of banning end-to-end encryption, as used by services like Apple’s Messages and FaceTime, as well as competing platforms like WhatsApp and Signal.
  3. Andrew3000

    Norton Symantec Endpoint Security Protection review for home use! - Andrew3000 personal feedback - standard unmanaged client

    Disclaimer: The review is based on the tests I conducted, the mindset used to conduct the tests is for home protection and not for a company. I hope I’ve been helpful, I'm open to suggestions.
  4. Andrew3000

    SECURE: Complete Andrew3000's Security Config 2019

    Also using: Comodo Cleaning Essentials Process Explorer Autoruns GetSusp (From McAfee) MBR Filter (From Cisco) SysHardener ShadowDefender
  5. Spawn

    Google New 2-step Verification for G-Suite accounts

    We’re updating how 2-Step Verification works for G Suite. Read more: New 2-Step Verification options for G Suite accounts
  6. SeriousHoax

    Discuss Stupid default settings of some Antiviruses

    The issue is anti-viruses like AVG, Avast, Emsisoft, Eset, Mcafee don’t scan files when I enter into a folder. What I mean is, if in a folder there are few malwares with .exe extensions or else and I enter into the folder, the anti-viruses that I mentioned above don’t detect and remove them...
  7. R

    Help Me Decide Best free VPN for a friend (on Android)?

    My friend, who is a poor student, so paid VPN is not an option, and asked what is the most secure free VPN on an Android? He is especially concerned after reading articles like this: https://www.theverge.com/2017/1/31/14436874/free-android-vpn-risk-insecure-data-malware-study...
  8. Felipe Oliveira

    SECURE: Complete Felipe Oliveira's Security Config 2019

    Thanks! Any suggestions are welcome :D
  9. dJim

    SECURE: Complete dJim Security Config 2019

    A update with no problems and ligth.
  10. CyberTech

    Discuss Best Windows 10 Security Products to Clean an Infected Computer

    While most of us run antivirus solutions to prevent malware infections, there are times when such products are necessary in order to remove a virus that has already reached our data. Research conducted by AV-TEST thus tries to determine which security tools we should use in case we just want to...
  11. TheErzengel

    Update The New Norton 360 for USA customers

    Norton apparently wants to bring back Norton 360, only a few US users have the possibility to buy this new product called "new norton 360". Now with LifeLock Identity Theft Protection, VPN for online privacy and enhanced security for all your devices. More details and prices at Norton 2018...
  12. XhenEd

    SECURE: Complete XhenEd's Security Configuration 2019

    Hi guys! This is my 2019 Config. Enjoy! :)
  13. Z

    SECURE: Basic zkSnark Dell Laptop Security Configuration 2019

    This is my current security configurations for Dell laptop.
  14. superboy123

    SECURE: Basic superboy123 laptop config 2019

    This is my config in 2019
  15. J

    Discuss How behaviour blocking works

    Hello guys, some new members sometimes are suggested to add to their configs a product with BB feature, but what's the behaviour blocking? It is simply the ability of a security software to detect malicious/suspicious actions of a specific process in real-time and terminate the suspicious...
  16. wildwilmaa

    Discuss Email - Your bank network is hacked...

    Hey guuuuys! Im trying to get an practicant vacancy in IT security at bank… They sent me a question to decide whether i go to the next part – interview or not… HELP ME PLEASE!! The question roughly is – You work in a bank as IT security specialist and you recieve an email from anonymous...
  17. alakazam

    Help Me Decide Anti-ransomware and anti-keylogger: ZoneAlarm or Hitman Pro Alert

    Which of the two provides the best anti-ransomware and anti-keylogger: ZoneAlarm (Extreme Security and Anti-Ransomware - they are two different programs cause the anti-ransomeware tool is not included in ZoneAlarm's Extreme Security software for some reason :confused:) or Hitman Pro Alert (which...