1. Frozen

    SECURE: Complete Frozen's Security Configuration

    Hi All, Please see my security configuration, Please let me know if I need any tweaks to better my setup. Regards, Frozen
  2. RoboMan

    Discuss The most important feature on a security product

    Ah... vote my friends, vote! What's the most important feature on a security product? Although probably all of them combine into one, since they all create a good software together, which is for you the most important one? A poll has been added!
  3. E

    Discuss Internet privacy concerns?

    Hello everyone, I'm a regular internet user and too concern about my privacy and anonymity on internet. I was reading on different topics to protect my data on internet. Few tips were like delete cookies automatically but I guess it isn't enough. I've bought a VPN also, but still concern about...
  4. J

    SECURE: Complete JiSingh12's Desktop Security Config

    Hi all, made an account just for this :) Just fresh installed my Windows 10 Pro today.
  5. JM Security

    Tutorial 3 CMD commands to view if our PC is infected

    CMD commands are often useful to discover if our PC is infected or not. 1. tracert -d to view if there are problems during the communication with an host. 2. arp -a this command is important to view if someone has used our router ARP table (so if someone hacked our network). 3. dir C: attrib...
  6. Michyon

    SECURE: Complete Michyon's Lockdown config 2018

    Ultra lockdown 2019. Looking to ensure I have armor against state sponsored attacks, and monitoring. I am concerned about exploits and zero day. I am hoping this is sufficient for security, but I would like advice from some other fellow pros here on an ultimate lockdown (and settings tweaks)
  7. Panny

    MiniTool Assists Worldwide Companies in Achieving Compliance under GDPR

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has superseded the Data Protection Directive and came into effect on 25 May 2018 in the European Union (EU). This regulation aims to protect the privacy of EU residents. Companies who fail to follow the GDPR have to pay a fine of up to €20 million or...
  8. Aerdian

    SECURE: Complete Aerdian's Security Config 2018

    My current system security configuration. Please comment what you think and what you think I should change/add/remove, etc.
  9. A

    Help Me Decide Which Security Suite is the best for a PC with low specs?

    Hello all.. :):D The important specs to know are as following: I use my laptop for Movies, Internet Browsing, Microsoft Office, Some Engineering Applications like Matlab and Simlink, Photoshop, and I'm constantly downloading.. I'm an advanced user, hence not fooled by spamming...
  10. I

    Security Alert Petya the Newest Kid in the World of Viruses

    Hi All, Recently a malware named WannaCry brought down the world wide web to its knees. The malware was originally a Ransomware, which used to lock down the victim’s computer and took all the data as ransom and the attackers then started demanding 300 bitcoins in order to let the user gain...
  11. T

    SECURE: Complete Tim one's security setup 2018

    Hi all :) Just an update of my old setup, F-Secure Safe performs very well and it is quite light on my system. OS images and data backups are stored also on external HDD and USB keys.
  12. CyberTech

    Unlimited Giveaway AVG Internet Security 2018 - Free license for 1 year

    AVG Internet Security 2018 - Free license for 1 year Get a free license for AVG Internet Security 2018 for 1 year. Comprehensive antivirus with firewall, proactive protection, web protection and new functions "Protecting the webcam" and "Protection from extortion programs" AVG Internet...
  13. Thales

    SECURE: Complete Thales Minimalist Security Config

    So I tried to make a minimalist but secure config here
  14. RoboMan

    Google Project Zero discloses 'important' security vulnerability in Windows 10

    The flaw in question is the second to be reported in a Microsoft product in the past week. Google's Project Zero team has disclosed another Windows 10 security flaw after Microsoft failed to patch it within the standard timeframe of 90 days. As first spotted by Neowin, the bug is one of a pair...