1. SeriousHoax

    Discuss Stupid default settings of some Antiviruses

    The issue is anti-viruses like AVG, Avast, Emsisoft, Eset, Mcafee don’t scan files when I enter into a folder. What I mean is, if in a folder there are few malwares with .exe extensions or else and I enter into the folder, the anti-viruses that I mentioned above don’t detect and remove them...
  2. Robbie

    Discuss RoboMan's Light Kaspersky Settings

    I'm sharing my light configuration for Kaspersky Internet Security 2019. Light enough to consume as little resources as possible without compromising security, focusing on blocking rather than disinfecting. GENERAL Untick "perform recommended actions automatically" FILE ANTIVIRUS File...
  3. ichito

    Review SpyShelter - an overview of my own settings, tips and useful information

    I've shared my SpyShelter settings with other users many times on numerous occasions, but never didn't collect those fragmentary information in one place...so after some time of preparing I want to present the result of my job :) Originaly this article is published in Polish forum...presented...
  4. 3

    Q&A VPN Question

    If I am connected to my home internet connection, should my VPN profile setting be set to "Private" or "Public"? If I connect to a public network, do I need to change this setting? Cheers!
  5. brod56

    Optimal Settings for Voodoshield Pro (2017)

    After deciding to combo Windows Defender with Voodoshield in my main PC and activating the Pro version, I am wondering what do you guys recommend in VS Settings. There were no posts here in MT about this, so had to create a new discussion. Im an average user who likes to test software, but would...
  6. viktik

    ESET Internet Security 10 : Recommended settings

  7. viktik

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Recommended Settings

    Click on settings icon to go to Kaspersky settings, as shown below VULNERABILITY SCAN KASPERSKY APPLICATION MANAGER SETTING
  8. viktik

    AVG Antivirus Free/Internet Security/Antivirus 2016 Recommended settings

    Recommended settings are same for all three. You should read help file if you don't understand any settings. AVG ANTIVIRUS FREE 2016 One good thing about AVG antivirus free is that the license granted never expires. So once you install it you can keep using it for many years without...
  9. D

    Appguard Configuration & Setting Discussion Thread

    first things first ! must read topics: Here are some excellent guide/review and detailed explanations about what is and what do Appguard: Written Review - AppGuard and some tests to illustrate the above: Video Review - Appguard vs Citroni (cryptolocker) Video Review - AppGuard on Windows 10-...
  10. viktik

    Daum Potplayer multimedia player - some useful settings

    POTPLAYER Provides the maximum performance with the minumum resource using DXVA, CUDA, QuickSync. DOWNLOAD LINK 64 bit http://www.filehorse.com/download-daum-potplayer-64/ http://get.daum.net/PotPlayer64/v2/PotPlayerSetup64.exe 32 bit http://www.filehorse.com/download-daum-potplayer-32/...