1. Windows_Security

    Cybergenic Shade Home Edition (sandbox)

    Hi, I searched for earlier threads/post on this free for home use sandbox. Anyone using it om Malware TIPS? Video of Shade vs Sandboxie and Comodo: The sandbox is fully isolated to access any files you may have downloaded see Q&A SHADE Sandbox - Security for Windows PC I run Firefox...
  2. photontorpedos

    Q&A How good is Shade Sandbox?

    What should I be using it for? (I don't do malware testing, I'm more of a layman consumer.) What are its shortcomings?
  3. Terry Ganzi

    Shade Sandbox - Free Anti-Malware Protection

    Homepage: Shade Sandbox | Malware and Cyber-Attacks Protection for Windows Mod Edit: This is not a News article. Moved to All Other Security Products for Windows. Altered thread title.