1. shukla44

    Shukla44's Security Config (Desktop)

    NOTE: Keep in mind, ONLY security-related programs on my system are mentioned above. This is my current desktop security config. What do you guys think? Please give your honest opinions. Previous Security Config (2016) - shukla44's Security Configuration (Desktop) Additional Info: I have...
  2. shukla44

    Android Shukla44's Android Security Setup

    Anti-virus: Kaspersky Anti-theft: Kaspersky Ad-blocker & Firewall: Adguard Password Manager: Sticky Password VPN: Windscribe
  3. shukla44

    Shukla's Android Mobile Setup

    This is my old & trusted android setup. What do you think?
  4. shukla44

    System Specs shukla44 home desktop

    This machine is not strong but everything runs smoothly. This is not a gaming PC (legacy graphics card), and i seldom play games. What do you think?
  5. shukla44

    shukla44's Security Configuration (Desktop)

    PS: Please keep in mind that not all programs, currently on my system, are mentioned above. Disclaimer: All the custom settings below is done with experience. Please do not copy any unnecessary settings if you don't know what you are doing. Application Control: AntiWinLock - How to...