1. conceptualclarity

    Troubleshoot Slimjet extensions are gone

    When I opened up Slimjet today, I clicked on the right hand side for restoring previous session, but it did not restore it. it just left me with a new tab. Then I noticed my extensions were gone. Much later, LastPass showed up, but the other extensions did not, including Session Buddy, which I...
  2. bunchuu

    Solved Cannot install Google Chrome after uninstalling Slimjet

    Helo, Last month, I installed slimjet browser as companion browser in laptop (my main browser is cyberfox). And today I want to install "pure" version of slim jet which is google chrome. I installed it using installer from official google site, however it can't be done and gave warning "unknown...
  3. FreddyFreeloader

    Update New SlimJet Browser Release

    It's a chromium Blink browser from the folks who brought you SlimBrowser, SlimBoat. Using the Chrome 35 engine as of today. www.slimjet.com Some AVs may not recognize it and you may have to add it as an exclusion.