1. Andy Ful

    Q&A Simple Stupid Security vs. free AV

    Simple Stupid Security (SSS) Imagine that you have an option in Windows Defender on Windows 10, which could turn ON/OFF the below restrictions: Block Windows scripts (JScript, VBScript, PowerShell) and Java files (JAR). Set SmartScreen to 'Block' (the user cannot bypass SmartScreen). Would...
  2. D

    Smartscreen Test Page

    Just a page to test if Smartscreen is working on your system. Note that if you use a non-Microsoft browser, smartscreen will kicks-in only when you run a file dowloaded from internet.
  3. S

    Update Smartscreen in Creators Update

    In Windows 10 Creators Update, Smartscreen can now be customised under Windows Defender Security Centre (via Windows Settings). By default, Smartscreen is set to Warn the user, but you can now increase device security by; Application Reputation can be set to Block Malicious Downloads and...
  4. W

    Tutorial Windows built-in protection mechanisms

    Hello everyone. In this thread I will be discussing a small bit about some of the most important but sometimes underrated Windows protection features which are built-into the OS (at least by Windows 10) - of course I cannot fill every gap to write about but if anyone has additional content to...
  5. Andy Ful

    Run by Smartscreen utility

    'Run By Smartscreen' is a very simple idea to run new executable files with SmartScreen check using right click Explorer context menu. It covers in a smart way file execution in the User Space ( = everything outside C:\Windows, C:\Program Files, C:\Program Files (x86)), that is welcome because...
  6. D

    Q&A What is Smartscreen? (Windows 8/10)

    read more: HTG Explains: How the SmartScreen Filter Works in Windows 8
  7. Secondmineboy

    Evolving Microsoft SmartScreen to protect you from drive-by attacks

    Microsoft SmartScreen, integrated with Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and the Windows operating system, has helped protect users from socially engineered attacks such as phishing and malware downloads since its initial release in Internet Explorer 7. With URL reputation checks and...