1. Handsome Recluse

    Cross-Platform/Windows Music Player with Lyrics?

    Do you guys know of any updated cross-platform music player that can fetch lyrics and maybe integrate with last.fm? I'm using Clementine right now but it has some issues and hasn't updated since 2016 on Windows. Cross-platform is preferred but I could do with just Windows and keep using...
  2. Y

    Troubleshoot Hard Disk Trouble

    Hi Guys, I am in severe need of your help. First of all I will tell you my problem. There is hard disk problem. Whenever I start my computer, I get the following message (on a black screen) before 'Starting Windows' logo.:- "The following are warnings that were detected during this boot.<next...
  3. M

    Expired WonderFox 2018 Back to School Giveaway Feast(8 Giveaway Software Worth $350)

    It is back- to- school season now. WonderFox presents 8 giveaway software for everyone: WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro Wise Care 365 Pro AdGuard MiniTool Power Data Recovery Soda PDF ANYWHERE PowerArchiver 2018 Backup4all Lite Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro Whether you need these programs...
  4. B

    Troubleshoot Need to Recover My Windows 10 Password

    I have attached MS account and local admin on my Windows PC. Everything goes smoothly until a recent update was taken into effect. I can't login with Microsoft account, which keeps saying incorrect password. The awkward thing is that I forgot the password of admin account. I tried to reset the...
  5. Tigzy

    Q&A Adlice Diag - New Diagnotic Tool with Anti-malware engine

    Hey malware hunters and fellow helpers :) I today come to present you a new tool that will come out soon. It's currently actively being developed and I wanted to have a discussion with you regarding the features cause we don't want to build yet-another-diagnostic-tool (of course). Adlice Diag...
  6. CyberTech

    Expired SUMo Software Update Monitor v5.5.3 PRO

    SUMo (Software Update Monitor) keeps your PC up-to-date & safe by using the most recent version of your favorite software ! Unlike built-in auto update features, SUMo tells you if updates are available before you need to use your software. Features: Automatic detection of installed software...
  7. Syafiq

    Expired Steganos Safe 18 GOTD

    Hello, I found a nice giveaway that may be useful for you. Enjoy :)
  8. Prorootect

    Extensions/add-ons is the future, software is the past

    OK, I think that with the avalanche of amazing browser extensions/add-ons, the time for software solutions is over, that's the past. Extensions/add-ons - it's the present - and the future. What are your opinions....? - watch this thread closely
  9. Max30

    Expired WonderFox 2017 Appetizing Thanksgiving Promotion

    WonderFox has prepared more than 10 excellent software for presenting gratitude. Everyone can get the software free in the giveaway (Total Value $800+). Happy Thanksgiving day and join us NOW!!! Go to the promo page, and get your gift :) The promotion link: WonderFox 2017 Appetizing...
  10. Siavash

    Q&A "KRACK" and Router Software

    After "Krack" Breakthrough, I'm Focused on Software Patch Like any other people. On Router Firmware Side I see Still many Manufacturer Keep routers Unpatched ( Firmware Update ). Even I Check Some High-End Models from Asus, Netgear, Tp-Link etc and Doesn't See Much Support for this issue. I hear...
  11. Max30

    Expired WonderFox 2017 Halloween Carnival!

    Take the advantage of WonderFox mega Halloween offer and choose your gift :) The offer link: No Trick, All Treat—WonderFox 2017 Halloween Carnival!
  12. Daljeet

    Q&A Are you using software updater ?

    Updating software blocks up to 85% of web attack angles.
  13. C

    Help Me Decide AppCheck or WinAntiRansom or ? How can I Up My Security?

    I'm looking to "up" my security (especially from ZeroDay, Ransomware, etc). and thought I'd seek a few second opinions out there. I try and take a layered approach while "keeping it light" and have had pretty good success thus far. Here's what I run presently with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit...
  14. Winter Soldier

    Security Alert PCs still at risk from end-of-life programs

    The latest software vulnerability report from Secunia Research at Flexera Software reveals that the average US private PC user has 75 installed programs on their PC, 7.4 percent of which are no longer patched by the vendor. More detailed analysis of the findings shows that 7.5 percent of users...
  15. giulia

    Windows 10 what software do you use to manage your virtual desktop?

    hi windows 10 introduce a spartan virtual desktop feature well it could be very useful , for example desktop fro browsers , desktop 2 for music and desktop 3 for work but just i said it's spartan , may i ask you what software do you use to manage your virtual desktop? thanks
  16. giulia

    Q&A what program do you use to manage your UPS?

    hi may i know what program do you use to manage your ups? for example i own an acp ups , in my case ,i have installed the acp software (outdated) and it battery starts to operate when voltage exceeds 280 or go down 155 i would decrease the first value and increase the second value acp...
  17. Alexa

    Expired DoYourData Uninstaller Pro 2.0

    Completely uninstall programs, Windows apps, and plug-ins from computer.
  18. Handsome Recluse

    Possible Incompatibilities with Rollback and Virtualization Softwares

    I found that after installing Toolwiz Time Freeze, Toolwiz Time Machine failed to restore from a snapshot and installing Reboot Restore when I already have Rollback RX Home told a prompt to uninstall Rollback. These are all free versions. Can someone replicate this and are there any...
  19. giulia

    Q&A may i know your favorite tools to analyze malware

    hi i'm new ,but i like to learn , i read many pages of the forum , there are tutorials and great stuff but may i ask you which are your favorite tools to analyze malware or software that could contain malware or could be dangerous in different way i use virtualbox and and Wireshark (for day i...
  20. ttto

    Security software in shops

    Hello everyone! I would like to know which physical security software is most commonly seen in shops in your country. I start!: In Spain, shops sell McAfee, Kaspersky, Norton (Symantec) and Panda. I saw one time one shop selling also ESET and BitDefender.