1. Seyyed Akram

    Update SHP Windows 2.1.7 released 08/08/2019

  2. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A What are your thoughts on an all Sophos configuration?

    What would you think of a configuration consisting of Sophos Home, Hitmanpro Alert, Hitmanpro, and Windows Defender. Surley, I wouldn't be using their firewall as it is a peice of hardware, and is mainly for enterprise use. So in this case we would use Windows Firewall. But what if I used...
  3. Faybert

    Q&A Ashampoo Anti-Virus, ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + and Sophos Home?

    Olá a todos, Alguém já usou ou sabe Ashampoo Anti-Virus, Sophos Home e ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + 2017? Se alguém pode me dizer algo sobre isso, sua eficácia e etc, graças a todos os que respondem. Free Antivirus for Home Networks: Secure 10 PCs and Macs Free | Sophos FREE Antivirus Protection...
  4. safe1st

    Video Sophos home prevention and detection Test

    Hope you all enjoyed the video Thanks for watching :)
  5. Sundaram999

    Update Sophos Home Free 1.1.0 (Windows)| 1.2.0 (Mac)

    Sophos Home free 1.1.0 for Windows & 1.2.0 for Mac What’s new this month (October 2016): 1. Responsive UI to support your mobile devices 2. Improved Mac endpoint performance 3. Password strength evaluation 4. The ability to delete your account 5. Minor fixes and enhancements
  6. Sundaram999

    Q&A What is Your opinion about Sophos Home?

    What do You think about Sophos Home free antivirus? Do You have any experience whith this security product?
  7. S

    Update Sophos Home Dashboard - April 2016

    What's new: A “Lightbox” to announce new features (this is the Lightbox!) Improvements to installation reliability You can change the names of computers, and correct your own name A full disk scan will now respect exclusions on Macs Color palette improvements for people with impaired vision...